Cruiseman's Garage Basics DVD Set

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Cruiseman's Garage Basics DVD Set
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Cruiseman shows you how he performs basic, routine maintenance on his own Goldwing. This 3-DVD set is packed with step-by-step directions and is loaded with time-saving tips. You won't find this combination of videos on YouTube, or the Internet.

Dealers charge $80 an hour, or more, for basic maintenance that you can do yourself, at home, typically in under 30 minutes! You can save hundreds of dollars in service charges by doing the work yourself. And, you get the satisfaction and peace-of-mind knowing the job was done right!

DVD Contents:

  • Oil Change Procedure
  • Installing a Trunk Spoiler
  • Changing Final Drive Gear Oil
  • Installing a Brake Light Modulator
  • Replacing a Windshield
  • Replacing Headlight Bulbs
  • Remove Top Shelter
  • Replace Air Filter
  • Changing Spark Plugs
  • Coolant Change
  • Flush and Bleed Brakes
  • Replace Brake Pads
  • Flush and Bleed Clutch
  • Installing a USB Power Point

...and much more

All material in these videos is copyrighted and may not be copied, transferred or modified.

These videos are for entertainment only. If your motorcycle requires repair or service, you should always rely on a Factory Authorized Service Center.

Cruiseman's Garage will not be held liable for the content or correctness of any information in these videos. If you use any information in these videos, you should do so at your own risk.

15 Member Reviews

Redmond, OR

Working on 2014 F6B, some differences but not enough that it can't be figured out! BIG HELP!!!

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Ripley, TN
The Best

If I wouldnt have bought this I would have never changed my air filter my self. These vids are for eveybody, great camera and step by step best out for how to video's.

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Herrin, IL
Very Good Series

Cruiseman's Garage DVD Series is a great addition to your collection. I've used it several time as a guide to caring for my 07 GL1800. I also like watching the segments during the snowy months to get my mind in the right place for spring.

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Portage, IN
Great DVDs!!

I've used these DVDs for several maintenance and upgrade jobs. Made me feel confident that I could perform the task without worry. I would highly recommend these DVDs!Very high quality material!

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Oregon City, OR
Wingman's DVD Set for 1800

This is a great idea that was put into use. Thank you! I for one will read the manual, but seeing Wingman do it, talk about it, and give you little tips is just perfect. All put together in a professional way.
I recommend this set to all riders with 1800's. It is priced reasonably and if you have a laptop (many of us do) you take it to garage, put in the disc and go for it!
Thank you for this great product.

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  • GL1800 2001-2017
  • GL1800 Trike 2001-2017
  • F6B 2013-2017