Digital Music Player Bluetooth Upgrade for GL1800


Digital Music Player Bluetooth Upgrade for GL1800
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Bluetooth V3 Digital Music Player (BPHGWIPDV3B) is currently on back order from the manufacturer.

Let BikeMP3 upgrade your existing BikeMP3 V3 digital music player to bluetooth OR just purchase the new bluetooth digital music player as a complete kit.

Upgrade proceedure or complete kit only available for 2001-2010 Gold Wing WITHOUT Factory Navigation.

Bluetooth Upgrade available for existing BikeMP3 V3 Muisc Players installed in 2001-2010 NON-Factory Navigation GL1800 Gold Wings.

Upgrade Ordering Procedure:
(1) Purchase Upgrade, nothing will be shipped, we will email you instructions on how to send in your existing music player
(2) After you receive our emai receipt and shipping instructions, remove your existing digital music player, include a copy of the purchase receipt and ship to the address we provide in the email that was sent to you.

Note: Customers need to ship their unit to BikeMp3 factory with address we will provide for bluettoth upgrade, we pay shipping charges to send the upgraded unit back to you.

GL1800 Bluetooth Player or Bluetooth Upgrade Benefits:

  • Stream music from a Bluetooth Phone, MP3 Player Or GPS
  • Pair A Bluetooth Phone
  • Listen To Directions From Your Bluetooth GPS
  • Connect Cellphone And GPS via Bluetooth To Your GL1800

Addresses audio problems encountered with Zumo GPS 660/665 when paired to a Bluetooth phone, make calls with confidence

Pairing Options

  • BikeMP3 > ZUMO > PHONE
  • BikeMP3 > ZUMO
  • BikeMP3 > PHONE
  • BikeMP3 > Bluetooth MP3

Please note the GL1800 radio must be set on CD for the Bluetooth to be heard, when it is regardless of which source you are using the phone or GPS commands will always be heard, Blutooth will not interrupt when using AM/FM/WB

Audio Sources

  • BikeMP3 > SD/USB
  • BikeMP3 > AUX Input On V03 Player (Available With SD/USB Removed)
  • ZUMO/MP3 Player
  • Cellphone/MP3 Player

Steaming is only available from the first Bluetooth device in line after the BikeMP3 Player.

Bluetooth Digital Player Specs:

  • Standard Features Of The New V3 Player
  • Pauses when switched to another audio source
  • Automatically changes from folder to folder
  • Adds a second AUX input to the bike (remove memory card to activate)
  • Screw in connections for security
  • Smaller size than previous units
  • Anti lockup circuit and software (addresses problems with pre 2006 radios)
  • Factory XM supported without extra switches to buy
  • Unlimited storage Using extra SD cards or USB sticks up to 8GB
  • Handlebar control
  • Digital sound quality
  • One plug easy install
  • AUX cable included

Adding files to the unit could not be simpler you can use any Windows® PC equipped with an SD card reader or USB port (depending on how you want to store your music).

Depending on the model of your motorcycle the player supports different music loads as follows

Folders 1 to 9 with 99 files in each folder

Please Note This Unit Does Not Support Patriot Brand Or Ultra Fast Memory Cards

Shuffle Or Random Modes Are Not Supported The Design Of The OEM Controls Just Allows For FOLDER +/- And TRACK +/- 

16 Member Reviews

clarkston, MI
Just beware

I have had this for just over a year the music player works as advertised no problems. The bluetooth works ok also until you try to talk on your CB. After making or receiving a phone call your CB will receive ok but will not transmit without making a very loud squeal in your riding buddies helmet. If you never use your CB or your phone for calls then it is ok. Have contacted bikemp3 many times & they have no solution.

yes no
MP3 instead of CD player

Quickly installs in place of the CD player, took longer to take off the seat than to hook it up. Also purchased the software, It makes it work excellently with the hand controls, great when in the mountains and no radio. Would give 5 stars but won't display the song name just number.

1 out of 3 people found this helpful
yes no
North Bay, CA
Seems to get too hot/freezes

The unit was an upgrade, the one I had previously worked really well. But I purchased the complete new system. This year (it's been in bike for 2 years) and this summer I find that it seems to be running hot. When it gets too hot, it freezes so I have now added a small cooling fan. Can update later if that solves my issue.

yes no
S Osgood
Up grade MP3 for blue tooth

Blue tooth to be put in my player 150.00 is crazy got to be a easier way, less cost to us. Its not a Goldwing

0 out of 3 people found this helpful
yes no
Arlington, TX
Slight opinion change after 8 months use

I have used this product since November of 2013 and its July 2014. I have tried everything I can think of to get this to work 100% of the time, however, at best I get it to work 50% of the time. I've tried starting the bike up right away. Starting the bike up after turning on the key and letting it "hook up." I tried turning the key on then turning it back off, waiting, then turning it back on. No matter what I try, 50%. I have good luck when turning it on in my garage on my way to work and listen to music riding in. However, when heading home in the evening I rarely get to listen to music. I'm still trying to figure out what the difference is but so far, because of this, I'll have to lower my satisfaction to 3 stars and that's being nice. I've learned some new curse words working with this. I am using a 4gig SD card with the folders setup and less than 99 songs in a folder (much less, actually). I've tried two different brands of SD cards. Frustrated. However, when it works its 5-stars but working 50% of the time, I'll have to give it 2.5-stars.

4 out of 5 people found this helpful
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