Antenna Mount Billet Flagpole with USA Flag

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Antenna Mount Billet Flagpole with USA Flag
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This high quality folding billet flag pole is perfect for every Goldwing 1800 whose looking for American made quality. Billet machined with pride in our Southern CA facility. The folding option #AMA2029-USA folds for bike covers and assembles in 2 pieces for easier installation. We use stainless steel hardware that is hidden, unlike others. We also include a 6” x 9” USA flag.

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Flowry Branch, GA
Looks Good But,,,

I purchased this about 30000 miles ago, I ran a chapter flag and a US flag. I have a Kuryakyn Luggage Rack with the Raiser Kit. Also I have the color matched Spoiler on the Trunk. Now after 30000ish miles the flags have worn through the chrome on the Luggage Rack and put a deep scuff in the paint on the Spoiler.
In addition to that I also have noticed a bit of loss in FM radio reception when the flag Poles were mounted.

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Feilding, NZ
Easy Fit

Some folk seem intent on making life difficult for themselves. There's no need to unscrew anything. To fit this, simply slide it down the full length of the antenna and tighten the screw to clamp it to the base. Done in less than 3 minutes. Looks great works great.

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Fargo, ND
Its ok

I have looked for a flag pole to replace trying to fit on the CB antenna so opted to try this one. I bought the folding one in hopes this would replace putting flag on antenna. What I noticed after installing at the base of antennas the flag rubbed up against the trunk which left marks on it. Talked with another GW rider and he raised the pole to just below the folding point of the antenna. Tried it and it still rubbed against the trunk. I then swung the pole to the outside of the antenna. This works a lot better, of course not able to fold flag pole. I will also note that I did damage the CB antenna while replacing a flag. When I ordered a new CB antenna I ordered the Honda OEM antenna and that provide a better means to mount the flag pole. I will add a photo when I am able to upload. Also when installing when you tighten the Allen head screw it does leave a mark/dent. I installed a felt dot to try to prevent that but it still did.

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Flag great, mounting is the problem

Flag hold up great under speed. The problem is mounting it on the bike. To mount this you have to unscrew the antenna and place it between the folding antenna base and the mounting point. The issue is not the antenna doesn't fold down correctly. For anyone that hasn't tried to align the antenna to fold correctly, it's a real challenge. I wish I had spend a few extra dollars and bought the brand that simply clamps over the antenna.

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