AirHawk R Air Seat Cushion


AirHawk R Air Seat Cushion
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Center cutout area runs from front to back on cushion.  Re-designed cell geometry improves airflow under the rider: No Hot Seat.  Back cutaway allows for a tail bone relief area with a tapered transition for increased comfort.  All other properties of regular Airhawk cushions.  3-year manufacturer's limited warranty.

  • Dimensions: 14.5” Wide x 14.5” Deep (Large); 11" Wide x 11" Deep (Small)
  • Cushion Material: Poly Urethane 

19 Member Reviews

Colbert, OK
Nice item

I have the large size. This really helps with circulation and is comfortable. Well made. I do not have it secured to the seat with the straps, because I only use it on long trips. Being able to adjust the air pressure simply is very nice.

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Keeps Me Riding

Recently went on a 700 mile ride and after the first 100, my back was killing me. Pain shooting down my left leg, turns out it is a sciatic nerve. Thought this will stop me from riding motorcycles.

Did some research and saw several comments about the Airhawk, thought that I have nothing to loose, so pulled the trigger.

Rode almost 200 miles today and NO PAIN, could have kept going... I am a very objective customer reference - butt (thats right) this thing saved me.

Would HIGHLY recommend to anyone suffering from the same problem.

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Princeton, KY
Air Hawk

I love my Air Hawk I never ride without it. I don't see a need to fasten it to the seat. I've had mine for over 2yrs.

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Seat comforter for your bum.

How many times have you heard "my bum's aching or numb". I can tell you speaking from personal experience this product actually works! Can be a little fiddly as I wanted to make sure the holding clips didn't scratch the paintwork on the panels. But when it was fitted I will never shout again "my bum hurts". It just doesn't ache any more! The journey length doesn't matter its not a problem. Experiment with the inflation pressure and you'll never regret buying one. Dave

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Nanaimo, CA
no pain in the butt

The air hawk R is the perfect addition to the stock honda seat. I ride some long days and with this product the pressure points are relieved.
The only thing I would like to see is a clip system so that it could be removed more easily. right now if you undo the clips the elastics pull back under the seat and you have to remove the seat to reconnect.

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