Footpegs w/Adjustable 1" Clamp


Footpegs w/Adjustable 1" Clamp
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Chrome offset arm footpeg adjusts to any rider and fits any 1" engine guard. These Adjustable 7976 Footpegs are the most popular Highway Peg ever made because they fit virtually any bike and look great. Popular for GL1100, GL1200, GL1500 & GL1800 Goldwings.

Footpegs have Offset 1" Mounts & Magnum Quick Clamps to allow riders a range of adjustment not possible with other clamp-on style highway pegs. The offset can be rotated 360 degrees in a 4 diameter circle to accommodate tall, short, or average height riders.

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new llano, LA
Foot pegs w/Adjustable 1" Clamp

My son bought these for me for my first addition to my Gold Wing. I have adjusted these a dozen times. Each time they feel a little better. I had a long trip of 2200 miles to Ohio and back and I cannot imagine not having these. I have tried these on both bars on the crash bar and it is definitely a personal preference. We'll worthwhile for any length trip on your Gold Wing. Thanks to my son and to Wingstuff.

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El Segundo, CA

These are cheaper than Kuryakyn, but they aren't worth owning. I just switched after six months of exasperation with these. They stay in place only through friction, and the right-side peg will loosen and drop down under foot pressure. This happened to me at 80 mph in the HOV lane of the I-405 in SoCal and about gave me heart failure. I went home, changed the crown washers to split washers, and retorqued the 1/2" x 13 peg bolts with a socket and breaker bar to the point of thread distortion -- and still had doubts. Even if you have long legs and require short peg arms, buy the more expensive Kurys and pony up the extra $47 for their short arms. Their positive pinned joints are far superior. The peace of mind is worth it.

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Slidell, LA

Just received mine it took about 30 min to install and adjust. I was realy suprised at the heavy duty construction and the quality of the chrome. Being close to the road they will of course pick up on road grim. The chrome is of such high quality I bet they will not tarnish or pitt. Great Product

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Duluth, GA

A must have for longer rides. Look great! Very substantial materials. Great for stretching out the legs!

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Marysville, MI

I bought these when I purchased my goldwing. I bought the goldwing in Tennennesse and drove it back to Michigan. I know it would have been a lot less comfortable without these pegs

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  • GL1100, GL1200
  • GL1500 1988-2000
  • GL1500 Trike 1988-2000
  • GL1800 2001-2010
  • GL1800 Trike 2001-2010