3 Way GL1800 Brake/Running/Turn Signal LED's

Red Zepplin
Hyperlite 3 way LED

After reading the reviews on this product I was a little reluctant to order it, decided that I would give it a try. Unlike most of the other comments I had no trouble installing the kit. I found the connector block without any problems. And located the wires needed to connect the system. I did not connect the ground wire to the harness , I chose to go straight to the chassis. To clean up the wiring I simply chucked the loose wires into my cordless drill and twisted them up nice and tight. I had no trouble using the templates for the light location. I used a test light to confirm the wires to tap into and made the connections. Up and running in about 45 min.
The instructions could be better but are not the worst I've dealt with from other companies. It would be nice if they gave you a couple of extra wire taps, as we all know if you drop something inside of a Goldwing it is gone forever! I dropped two of those tiny connector caps into the bowels of the beast never to be seen again!

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Virginia Beach, VA
Great addition - will definately get attention of others

Another item my wife got me after seeing them on my wishlist. Took just over an hour to install using the directions. Place the template and step back behind the bike to see if it looks right. I did and realized the edge of the template was supposed to wrap around and touch the back edge of the black plastic. Once I adjusted them they were in the perfect spot. The connector wasn't really hard to find, but I've dug into the bikes wiring before so I have a decent grasp of where most of the important connectors are.

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Bremerton, WA
Amazing once installed

The finished product is amazing, bright, attention getting lights. The only thing that gave it 4 instead of 5 stars was the instructions. The templates were helpful, however watch it when installing to make sure that you do not place them inline with the radio and CB antennas. They should mount slightly to the inboard of the antennas. As for the wiring, they gave you lots to look at, however I took a look at the wiring diagram in the service manual to insure I had the right wires to make the connections. The connectors that were included were easy to use. I used Electrical tape to make my own harness from the included wires and route them to the seat would not damage them. I saw these in a police motorcycle here in Bremerton WA, and decided I had to have them for my Wing. They are impossible to miss unless you are blind.

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Fremont, CA
Great product, poor instructions and details

Installed these this weekend. Finished product looks good on the outside, and I'm a big fan of the flashing brake lights.

Instructions are very poor. Templates for placement have no specific indexing points marked. Take a good look at the photos for positioning. I slid the templates to the edge of the soft area at inside and bottom and they came out well.

Wiring is very poor. They cheaped out by only covering about 2" of each lead. Then the three wires are all separate for the next 2 feet. Looks sloppy installed and is harder to route and protect. I probably should've bought some shrink tube to cover the rest. Only about 8" needs to be separate leads.

Color coding and locations of wires for tapping is not helpful. the color photographs included are a mess. I needed help from GL1800Riders to finish. The written instructions are not consistent in terms and can be confusing.

On the plus side - they include Posi-taps and Posi-locks to attach and tap wires. Easy and solid.

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Marvin, NC
EXCELLENT Product, INADEQUATE Installation Instructions

The good news: the HiLites are bright and work extremely well. I had never used the included Pos-It connectors, they are ingenious!

The bad news: as another reviewer (William) commented the installation instructions are pretty poor. Specifically, the pictures are not of my Gold Wing (2008) and the OEM hole they mention is in the wrong place. Additionally, they have not updated the instructions to reflect the correct wire colors on the Gold Wing. After a little trial and error I found the correct wires, but it would have been more helpful to identify them in the instructions.

Once I got the lights properly installed I am EXTREMELY pleased with them. I highly recommend them for all Gold Wings. Now if the manufacturer would only update the installation instructions.

By the way, if the instructions were better I would have given this product a five star rating.

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Skipperville, AL

I have been running these on all of my bikes in one configuration or another for years.
I bought them this time for my 2012 Goldwing.
The instructions with MY kit were COMPLETELY inaccurate and therefore useless. I did call and speak with tech support who seemed totally surprised at my assertions. The gentleman did call an associate who told him WHERE to look for ONE of the wire bundles.
I eventually just got him on the phone and we went through where each wire was to connect with and I just hunted with my circuit light until I found a correct wire to connect to. His written directions were NOT correct on ANY points AT ALL and the pictures in the directions were also useless.
The product is, however excellent!!!

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Duncan, SC
Excellent product

I have had Hyperlights on previous bikes but have installed the 3-way kit for my 2002 Goldwing. I have been very pleased with how they turned out and how much more visible I have become. I've had several people compliment on how nice they look and how much they look like they were always meant to be there. I would recommend them to any GW rider.

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Saratoga Springs, NY
3 way led --Lights

I needed that little extra light on the back of my gl 1800 and this was it. It is small, but is very bright. It serves as a running light,turn signal,and flashing stop light. I would recomend it to anyone who wants a light that blends into the body, but is very, very, noticeable. It is a safer way to ride.

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Detroit, MI
Hyper Lights

I owned Hyper lights for the past two years. I was stopped at an intersection and all I heard were tires squealing behind me. As the sweat dripped from my face, the car came to a stop. The driver, shouted "I am sorry the only thing I saw were the blinking lights". Yes these hyper lights are a life saver. Driver do see these lights long before they see the brakes lights on the bike. On the turnpike a truck driver called out on the CB and said "Man I can really see your bike". If you want an edge on being safe...get these lights. Most of my chapter have them. They also look good!

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Palmyra, VA
Excellent combination

I've only had these installed this past week so I can't comment on longevity. But if these units hold up as well as the older models, they will be well worth the money. They finally made a unit that has a tapered back so you can mount these on the rear of your speaker pods and have them face perfectly to the rear of the bike. Having the turn signals incorporated into one unit makes for a clean as less crowded look as compared to having two units side by side. Again, my opinion. You can't go wrong with any of the Hyper Light line!

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