Fuse Panel Univeral Mount Power Plate

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Fuse Panel Univeral Mount Power Plate
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Universal Accessory Fuse Panels also called Universal Power Plate Fuse Panel allows easy installation of electrical components on ANY Bike and has 6 individually fused outputs and the entire unit is rated for 30 amps.

It turns all accessories on and off with the ignition thru its relay and include a port for connecting a battery charger.

The connection to the charger is automatically disconnected if the key is turned on. All kits include 6 spade connectors, 30 amp main fuse, quick-connector, instructions and a legend decal to place near the Plate to indicate fuse function and is available from Wingstuff.com #EC02202

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Warrenton, VA

Haven't had any negative issues at all with this. I think mounting it to the right of the battery is optimistic though as I have seen in some pics. Much easier to install and much more accessible when mounted to the left the existing fuse block. Was nice to get four power feed off the battery terminals and onto fused circuit. I can now even cut the fused part out of each of those four accessory power feeds, since they are now fused at the EC Block. Easier to change a fuse if necessary on the EC Block by only removing the side panel, than within the wires tucked all under the seat there the fuse links are now tucked. The "relay" is tucked under the seat (left side, close to the battery.

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Doylestown, OH

Well, the thing fell apart the first time I took the side cover off. I needed something, so I bought another one (dumb). Turns out when I went to install the second one, and was removing the first, I discovered the top cover is supposed to be plastic welded on. The manufacturer must have made mine on a Friday because it was a shabby weld job that broke before I ever used it. I re-welded it right on the bike with my soldering iron and it now works fine except I spent $40.00+ on one I'll probably never use. Oh well.

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