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Universal Power Plugs
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Provides power to any device on your motorcycle. Power for GPS, radar detector, laptop or whatever else, our Power Plug is the solution. Accepts all male cigarette lighter type connectors with sealed cover for protection from water.

Available in 4 models: Universal, Fairing Pug & Play for Honda GL1800 Gold Wing, Trunk Plug & Play for GL1800 Gold Wing, and for ST1300 (ST1300 requires Hondaline Quartet Harness for use).

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Hadley, NY
Works great, with a very minor fix, or two.

I installed this in the trunk, following the simple instructions. I was a little nervous cutting the hole just based on the single photo - no real measurements to go by, and more than one way to interfere with bosses in the upper trunk lid. Based on complaints of it pulling out, I bought a cheap step drill and tried a 1-1/16" hole first, but it definitely won't go into that, even when you cut a small square slot for the anti-rotating "key" on the barrel of the power plug. So I cut a 1-1/8" hole and inserted the plug. Sure enough, it pulled out much too easily. But then I snaked two zip ties through the weak "holding tabs" on the back side of the plug and cinched them tight. It can't be pulled out now, it's like it's cemented in, but it's completely reversible. I also wrapped the open back of the plug with silicone electrical tape to keep moisture and dust out of it - it's not a sealed environment back there based on all the dust I found. Lastly, I opened up the 12V splitter I bought and snipped off the LED so it won't drain my battery if I leave it plugged in. Overall a great addition to the bike with those few little (practically free) mods.

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Howard Lake, MN
Easy Instal

Easy and straight forward instructions.... Worked great in the trunk lid for me.... After the install pry the locking tabs outward a little so it doesn't pull out and locks in place..... No issues.

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Virginia Beach, VA
GL 1800 Universal Power Plugs

I have purchased many innovative and useful products from Electrical Connection through the years; this is not one of them. These are junk. Save yourself some grief and purchase marine or automotive models with threaded backs. Otherwise, even carefully using a 1 1/8 hole saw, you will need to use PVC cement to keep them in place. I purchased both the fairing and trunk plugs. The one plus is that they provide plug and play connectivity.

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Plug and play

Easy to install work great.

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Mooresburg, TN

Save your money. Go to a car parts store and get one with a large nut on the back. I drilled the hole EXACTLY 1 1/8" and this stupid thing pulls out of the hole each time I remove the charger. Garbage!

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