LED 960 Lights for F6B, GL1800 2nd gen


LED 960 Lights for F6B, GL1800 2nd gen
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The most powerful lights available for the GL1800 2nd Gen, each of the four extreme 10W LED elements gives out 960 lumens at 6000K the same bright white color as most HID lights yet in total they use less than 1 amp in current.

Constructed from billet aluminum with a toughened glass lens and mounted behind a resin coated custom aluminum shield.

Supplied with led fog light switch that mounts in the factory space in the left hand panel, installation is quick and easy with factory plugs that mate to the existing wiring on the bike, just remove the lower cowling blanks and drill four small holes and that's it.

These lights will not only enhance your nighttime riding experience but during the day they will help announce your presence on the road to other road users. While being bright they are flood lights so they are designed not to dazzle oncoming traffic.

Watch the video to see the outstanding performance

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Englewood, CO
Simply to bright, installation nightmare

Simply to bright for city use and no real distance lighting. There is absolutely no need to flood the area 100 -200 feet infront of you with this much light in the city. If you typically ride rural undeveloped areas I could understand the need but not in the city. In the name of your personal safety you do not have the right to risk others safety. Yes, I believe these lights are so bright you are capable of blinding oncoming traffic. If someone at the DOT sees these lights in action they will have a mild stroke.
Installation: PITA....
Wished I had chosen something I could use.

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Mooresburg, TN
Bright lights. Install is a PITA

The lights are very bright. This part I am happy about.

Fitment is a joke. Had to install and uninstall the lower cowl way too many time to try to get a good looking fit. Still never found a good fit. To me.. they look cheesy. But they are bright.

Instructions are pathetic. They need to give the person who wrote this some time off to go back to 6th grade to learn how to write a complete sentence. This is an excerpt from the instructions.

"Remove the left "L" shaped trim from the top shelter you can use a plastic lever to get purchase under it start at the bottom near the bend it just clips out."

In summary... happy with light brightness. Not happy with fitment and look.

Also, the backlighting on the push on/off button is WAY too bright and looks out of place on the console.

I wish I had bought the Honda lights.

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Amazing lights!

I've been eyeballing these for a couple of years and received them as a gift on my birthday. These lights are absolutely amazing. You can be seen significantly better in broad daylight and at night. I've noticed that people do not pull out in front of me since installing them. Not a difficult install, I had my iPad it in the garage as I installed them for a reference. On/Off panel switch is nice and backlit however it is different than the pics here. I highly recommend!

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Bright lights but a couple problems.

Bought this for my 2012 wing. Took awhile to get the lights because they were on back order. This happens sometimes so no big deal. The installation was easy but with a some small problems. It's hard to get the wiring harness for the lights to "snap" into the harness on the bike. So I wrapped mine with tape to make it more secure. The switch went in easy but I had to adjust the wiring behind the buttons so the fog light button would move in and out correctly. Just to much wiring for the box on the bike. This is bad planning on Honda's part not the product. The big issue was one of the lights did not work. I had to ship it back to Bikemp3 which cost me $20. They were friendly and fast, so no problem there. Just the extra $20 I had to spend on a new product.

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bikemp3.com 960 Lower Cowl Lights Fog Lights for 2012 and...

In order to safely ride a motorcycle in an environment with traffic, being seen is key to sharing the road with those who operate vehicles of the 4 wheeled variety. A great way to enhance your frontal visibility on a Honda Goldwing is to install a set of foglamps in the lower cowl.

These lights do not look like much out of the box, but are surprisingly heavy. They are also surprisingly bright. Supplied with slotted aluminum brackets, their position is fully adjustable. The black panels adhere to the lamps once installed in the brackets, and the lower cowl panel fits over the assemblies.

When properly installed in the brackets, the lamps will appear quite crooked, until the lower cowl panel is installed. Then it all comes together nicely.

Much like older technology halogen lamps, these come with an exact fit switch and harness. However, the amperage draw is so low that a relay is not required. There is a You Tube video which offers installation tips, which is very helpful.

The light output is low and wide, nicely illuminating the road surface from side to side, even on the interstate. The color is a bright white, which differs from the more yellow light produced by the motorcycle's stock headlamp. This adds visual interest to the front of the motorcycle, and an additional color in the visible light spectrum to be seen, improving the "being seen" factor even during the daytime. ​

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