ST Adjustable Windshield for GL1800


ST Adjustable Windshield for GL1800
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The ST is designed to be a flexible, “do-it-all”, shield with a very smooth, buffet-free, ride at all speeds. You can ride at speed in calm luxury with your line of sight easily two inches over the top of the ST. If you want a little wind in your face you can set it lower.  Because it is a straight top shield, you can also look through it at those times when you want to provide yourself or your passenger with even more protection. If the co-rider is much taller than the rider, this windshield can be adjusted up to take more wind off of them and can still be looked through by the rider. Or if you just like looking through a windshield and want better wind protection than stock, this is the one. Our shields are measured while standing in front of the bike, from the gasket at the top of the windshield garnish to the top of the windshield.

The ST has wind protection so good that, "It is like riding in the car with the windows open. It's as close to sitting in the living room as you can get and still be on a motorcycle!"

STs are now available in four sizes and two top shield colors and three base shield colors: 11”, 13”, 15”, and 17” in clear or light bronze tint and clear, dark smoke, or bronze.

All of our shields offer 4” of manual or electric vertical adjustment in addition to retaining the stock 4” (GL1800) of adjustment: an unprecedented total of 8” of adjustment. Additionally there is and extra inch available in the top shield rail mounting slots that you can take advantage of.

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NEW - "OPTIONAL" Rake Adjustment Kit now available to change the angle of your top shield for ultra smooth high speed riding. This kit is especially effective with our HPS, but can be used on any Windbender to alter airflow characteristics.

NEW - "OPTIONAL" Spring Loaded Locating Pin for Manually Adjustable Windbender Windshields.
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strawberry plains, TN
Stay away from Windbender

What a nightmare I had with my order I placed for a Windbender windshield. First I place the order and the windshield comes in with nice scratches in both top and base windshield. So I send them back and Dayle sends me a new set. OK, I start the install and find out the slots don't line up on the bike. I could bow the shield to get the hardware started but then had a big gap on the dash side because the shield was bowed out. I then took some measurements and with the oversize mounting slots in the Windbender going centerline to centerline of the slots they were over 8mm wider than the OEM shield. So now I have wasted almost 2 weeks and do not have a good windshield to put on the bike.
I contacted Dayle and sent him the pic's, after some back and forth I found out that a 3rd replacement shield would have the same mounting problem so I ordered Klock Works shield and being the Windbender shield would not fit "correctly" I wanted a return shipping label. His answer was he would refund my money but no he would not pay for shipping because he did not feel it was a defective part. Here are the answers I got back from him as to why he did not feel it was defective:

No one else has ever complained.

The next two replies being I have been a Tool & Die maker for over 40 year blew me away;

Maybe the windshield mounts on the Gold Wing are off. (realy!!!!)

I never said the windshield was a perfect fit. ( being off 1mm or 2mm I would consider not a perfect fit, 8mm over 5/16 of an inch is defective all day long).

After I spent $29 returning the shield (oh by the way I also sent back a lock spring assembly I completed that he charges $40 to do) Here is a reply from him on the credit he sent me: I installed a shield yesterday and took another look at that fit issue. "I’m going to move the outside slots in a few millimeters on the next run."

If you want quality stay away from Windbender and look elsewhere for windshields it cost me time and money to learn this.

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Windbender w/Baker Wings

I'm learning all the time and trying very hard to make product improvements since I acquired Firecreek Accessories.

Absolutely: the Baker Style wings, that mount to the side of the fairing, do not seem to play well with the Windbender. I have also tried them with a stock shield and found they caused, for me, more turbulence than they were worth. I could not find a position for the fairing wings that let more air hit me without causing quite a bit of rough air. If they were turned full out to block more air (winter riding?) they were just fine. I removed my Baker Wings and am perfectly happy.

Hand/Mirror Wings that mount under the mirrors DO play very well with all Windbenders. They are the second best thing you can do for your passenger. Mirror Wings keep air from running under the riders armpits and slapping your passenger in the chin. you can also turn them at any angle for your desired amount of air without causing any turbulence.

I gratefully accept all phone calls or emails with comments, concerns and product improvement ideas.

Mng Mbr Firecreek Accessories LLC.

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