Eagle Chrome License Plate Frame


Eagle Chrome License Plate Frame
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Show your nobility with this regal Eagle motorcycle frame.  Weather you ride Cruisers or Sport Bikes, this is the frame for you.  This unique frame has a removable eagle that can be mounted with small screws at the top or the bottom of the license plate frame so it does not obstruct the state name or registration stickers of the plate.   A durable zinc die cast frame, coated with heavy chrome plating is accented by a commanding chrome-plated plastic eagle.  Designed to fit most standard U.S. motorcycle plates.  Easy to install.

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Colbert, WA
Nice looking frame

I decided to put a frame around my 2005 GL1800's license plate so ordered this. It definitely is heavy duty and looks nice. Only problem was the prior bolts I had on the license to hold it on were those type with the reflectors as the top part of the bolt with wing nut on the back. I had to go to an auto shop and get different bolts as the reflectors would not fit in at the corners. As a footnote. I have a running/stop light strip that I fastened into the base of this plate. Since the lights are clear (when not lit) it all looks like one unit.

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