Fast Hook Helmet Strap Quick Release Buckle

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Fast Hook Helmet Strap Quick Release Buckle
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  • FAST HOOK is the ONLY one-button, Patented Quick Disconnect
  • NO SEWING! Fast Hook attaches to your product in seconds with a simple application!
  • A patented center button lock allows a quick secure lock and release with a press of the Fast Hook Button.
  • Made of tough space polymers
  • Fast Hook is resistant to cold and heat
  • D.O.T Approved
  • Exceeds requirements for FMVSS chin strap retention
  • Fast Hook is made in the U.S.A.

3 Member Reviews

Rockford, IL
Helmet Quick Release

I have this quick release on my helmet - LOVE IT!
Now I don't have to get the flap flap from the end of the strap slapping in the wind. My wife has started riding more with me, she don't have this little gadget on her helmet, I have to assist her at time to either fasten her helmet or remove it. I think I will order another one for her helmet!

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Diamondhead, MS
Plastic but strong!

I have used different types before but I personally like this unit because it is lightweight. I hooked it up to my helmet and made a few adjustments and voila!!! works like a champ.. I have seriously tugged on the unit and it has yet to ever fail me. Don't be surprised by its strength even though it is plastic (polymer).

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WA Biker
Seattle's Eastside, WA

I use another brand of quick-release helmet strap buckles for all my helmets but I thought I'd give this one a try. It's large, lightweight plastic and doesn't seem like it would be comfortable or strong enough. I'm returning it.

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