Counteract Balancing Beads


Counteract Balancing Beads
$24.95 to $42.95
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  • No more external weights!
  • Made from micro-glass beads
  • Increase tire life, improved fuel economy
  • Reduced vibration and heat build up
  • Tires are balanced all the time, not just over 30 MPH
  • No rebalancing every time you come to a stop
  • No dust to clog valve cores
  • Guaranteed safe for all tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS)
  • Can be used in tube type and tubeless tires

99% of motorcycle tires require 2oz of Counteract per tire. Smaller tires require 1oz and larger will require 3oz

"Shop packs" include beads only

Counteract Motorcycle Balancing Beads Application Chart

Motorcycle                                                      Amount Per Tire
Front 80mm - 120mm tire width                              1 oz.
Front 120mm & up tire width                                   2 oz.
Rear 130mm - 240mm width                                   2 oz.
Rear 250mm - 360mm width                                   3 oz.

Up to 10" diameter wheels                                      1 oz.
12" & Up diameter wheels                                       2 oz.

Dual Purpose / Offroad w/o rim locks
Front 80mm - 120mm tire width                              1 oz.
Rear 130mm - 230mm tire width                             2 oz.

Dual Purpose / Offroad with rim locks
Front 80mm - 120mm tire width                              2 oz.
Rear 130mm - 230mm tire width                             3 oz.

Up to 10" tire width                                                 2 oz.
10" to 12" tire width                                                3 oz.



6 Member Reviews

Cookeville, TN
Science of MC Tire Rotation

It may be psychological, I do believe the ride was smoother. I like the science behind using balance beads over lead weights. Leads weights are good at one speed. Let me make this clear, I ride a 1500 cc motorcycle and I don't really care about fuel mileage. I don't keep a precise eye on it. A general idea for monitoring the state of engine tune. If my tires wear even throughout their tread life, the balance has been good. If using leads weights you would have to get the wheel rebalanced after half the tread life was worn off. I am on my third set of tires with the balance beads installed. I am sold on them now.

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Lawton, OK
Weight and balance issues SOLVED!

Downshifting and coming to a complete stop I could feel the bike shifting weight. If I was slowing down to make a left turn the balance was off just enough to slightly scare the living sh** out of me. The Superbrace took care of the front-end issues but the back-end weight and balance issue was not solved until I added the Counteract Balancing Beads to both tires. Now, when I downshift to make a turn or come to a complete stop I do not feel the bike's weight shifting and throwing me off balance. This product receives two 5 Star Ratings from me (one for each tire).

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Smooth Ride

A friend recommended your balancing beads. I am totally amazed with the smooth ride they give me. I highly recommend this product. Thanks again.

Tom Hoff
Minot ND

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ocean City, MD
Great Product!

Purchased This product at a Rally from Verhulst Bike Tires. I was honestly skeptical of this product at first considering I have always used "lead weights". But the guys from Chrome world were the ones that were selling it and Verhulst was endorsing it and I trust that guys opinion about tires.

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sault sainte marie, MI

well i had a chance to try with new gas like i said i would do in my last post and there was no increase in gas milage so the beads are a wast of money and dont do any of what they claim

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