Plug & Play Trailer Wiring/Relay


Plug & Play Trailer Wiring/Relay
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New & improved - Safely & effectively apply the load from your trailer lighting to the battery & not to the rest of the bike’s electrical system. Eliminate blown fuses caused by overloading stock lighting or accessory circuits! Our Relay harness utilizes inputs from the motorcycle to direct power from the battery to the appropriate trailer lighting circuit.

Requires bike to be equipped with a Rear Accessory Harness (P/N 3230 for GL1800 & P/N 3234 for F6B) for plug-&-play Installation. See related products.

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Houston, TX
Easy install and good idea for isolating future shorts

Since I already had the rear plug and play wiring harness from Kuryakyn installed, the install was made very simple. When fishing the wire from the back to the battery, I sprayed the sheath with WD40 to help it slide between the frame. Another tip that may help is that the relay box will be at the back of the bike near the plug and play area. Use the included velcro to secure it to the left side low enough to leave clearance for the rear center panel re-install. I like the fact that the circuit runs off the relay instead of sharing wiring with the other lights so if one light goes bad, all will not go bad.

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  • GL1800 2012-2017
  • F6B 2013-2017