Rear Accessory Light Plug & Play Harness


Rear Accessory Light Plug & Play Harness
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Required to install any Küryakyn rear lighting accessory on the GL1800 2nd Gen GoldWing. After this one time installation you can simply Plug-&-Play all future Küryakyn rear lighting accessories with ease & no need to modify any wiring. Provides Run, Turn, Brake, & Ground wiring connection behind license plate center panel.

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neptune, NJ
Long Term Operation ?

Sorry but I will only agree that this was easy to install but the fact that these are not weather pack connectors is a shame, Mounted behind the rear tire and these being blasted with water and road debri ? following the instructions and packing dielectric grease in them, covering all metal is not a long term set up for the long run, I ordered weather pack 6 pin connectors and will replace them now, If you have issues with any rows of LED's not working down the road look at these plugs for corrosion first, Sorry if I sound negative but for the price they should have weather pack connectors as new

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Ripley, TN
Must have

They did a great job with this all plug and play must have for rear lighting

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Templeton, MA
Excellent piece

OK Kuryakyn you did great with this piece.. I would mention on items like the saddle bag swoops you should put a but note on the front of the box mentioning that this piece will be needed. I found out after getting home and installing my swoops which by the way are OUTSTANDING!! Anyway this plugged right in with easy directions and was very easy to fish through to the back!! Great work!

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Scranton, PA
Its a Necessity!!

Gotta have this if you want to add any Kuryakyn lighting! It certainly makes the install ALOT easier!!
Good quality, easy plug n play!

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Natrona Hts, PA
great product, great service

I bought this harness with the intention of using it for adding other lighting. This is the way to go if you want to add your own brake, turn and running lights.
With this harness you do not have to cut and splice the existing wiring on the bike. You can use the pigtail as a sort of breakout box for anything you want to add. Not necessarily Kuryakyn accessories.
Also, by adding relays to the wiring, you take the load off the OEM wiring.
I had ordered this harness during Wingstuff's free shipping offer last year, along with some other parts.
Wingstuff kept me informed of the order and shipping dates. Everything I ordered arrived at one time and complete.

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