Bridgestone Tire COMBO for GL1800 G704/G709


Bridgestone Tire COMBO for GL1800 G704/G709
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COMBO discount pricing on this set of Bridgestone tires designed and developed specifically for the Honda GL1800 Goldwing motorcycle. Revolutionary design offers exceptional ride, comfort & handling that your powerful GL1800 Goldwing requires on the open road.

COMBO includes 1 - Bridgestone G709 130/70R18 front and 1 - Bridgestone G704 180/60R16 rear sold together as a pair at one Super Low Price!!!

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Swansboro , NC
Bridgestone Tires

I just turned 100,000 miles on my Goldwing and all of those miles have been on Bridgestone tires.
Not the safest thing to do, but i actually put 25,000 miles on the back tire and 28,000 on the front.
Needless to say when they were taken off the rims, they could stand up by themselves !
Yes ! They are the best tire i have ever ridden on !!

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Great Tires

I love these tires for the most part. Confident, and smooth ride. I have dyno beads in both of them. Fantastic! The one down side I will not repeat is I bought this combo with faith in the words of the sale...designed specifically for the GL1800...and they are for the most part. However, as a combo it comes with the rear tire being the G704 180/60R16. A great tire, except my speedometer was off by 4 mph the moment I installed this rear wheel. I think the 60R16 is the culprit...the G702 180/70R16 is the proper tire for an accurate speedometer reading. So the next set I purchase will not be this combo.

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Leeds, AL
Great Tire

Best all round tire you can buy for your gl1800, sticky, wet road characteristics are amazing.

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Knoxville, TN , TN

Been on Bridgestone tires for ten years now and will never switch. Logged in 30,000 miles a year, never had a tire issue, a flat or even low air pressure. I do check often for tire pressure correctness. Have a 2017 GoldWing Touring level 3 and already logged in 15 thousand miles and same factory tires, front and rear. I expect 4k more miles before needing to replace both, though the front looks like new still. I just do both tires at one time, to keep ME safe.

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Brainerd, MN
Reasonable Millage

13401 miles. Viewing them now tells me to replace. I have centramatics installed for 3 sets now. No cupping or howling in corners but very noticeable wear is concentrated on centers more than sides. Looks to be about 1/16 on centers now and sides 1/8 or more. I'm reluctant to run these any more at highway speeds. I remember 8000 mi without centramatics.Dont believe 20,000 mi possible being this is third set. I have a friend that used Dunlap elite and encountered belt separation before wear.

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