Bridgestone Tire COMBO for GL1800 G704/G709


Bridgestone Tire COMBO for GL1800 G704/G709
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COMBO discount pricing on this set of Bridgestone tires designed and developed specifically for the Honda GL1800 Goldwing motorcycle. Revolutionary design offers exceptional ride, comfort & handling that your powerful GL1800 Goldwing requires on the open road.

COMBO includes 1 - Bridgestone G709 130/70R18 front and 1 - Bridgestone G704 180/60R16 rear sold together as a pair at one Super Low Price!!!

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Houston, TX
Great tires for the price

I have the TPMS to help me keep the tire pressure around 41 on the rear and around 40 on the front. I got 14,000 miles on the factory set and 14,000 miles on the second set. When the price went to 329 for the Bridgestone set, I thought I would try the more expensive Elite 3 set for a few more dollars thinking I would either get a better ride or more mileage. I was wrong. As early as 3,000 miles I was seeing cupping on the left and right side of the front tire. At 12,000 miles on the Elite 3 set, I had to replace the front and rear due to significant cupping (when leaning, my wife and I would hear a whining noise). At that time (about 40,000 miles on my bike), I went back to the Bridgestone tires and currently have about 12,000 miles on this set. Today, with the fathers day special, I just bought another set of Bridgestone tires since I anticipate having to replace them within a couple thousand miles. (Consistently getting about 14,000 miles per set) I saw another review by someone regarding tar road repair strips being slippery and agree that if you are riding in the Houston heat like we do from time to time (with cooling vests), those tar strips are slippery but I do not think any tire will make a difference since the tar is starting to melt at those temperatures. (I try to avoid the tar strips on the road.)

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Troy, OH
Very loose on hot tar

This was my second set of these tires. The tar strips that they patch road cracks with give you a little wiggle when crossing, so you try to avoid them. I came across a large patch of this tar on a hot day and the rain just went thru, these tires acted like they were on ice. My 02 GL1800 went sideways and was totaled.

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San Jose, CA
Factory Equipped 2013 F6B Tires

I have reached the 12K mark for my stock Bridgestone Tires. They have been ok tires, grip well in the corners, and get decent mileage out of them. But I have two complaints, 1) starting at 3K miles on the front tire, when I lean over in a turn, the tire whines, the more I lean the louder it whines. 2) The front tire has a center line down the middle of the tire, that causes the front of the Bike to wobble when riding on rain grooves on the freeway. The back tire has been good, no complaints at all, but at 12K miles, I notice the rear tire is not round, has the dreaded flat ring down the middle of the tire. I am putting my F6B into the shop this weekend, having some Dunlop Elite 3 Radials installed, which will take care of the rain groove problem.

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Trouble with front tire- less than 1000 miles

I ordered the Bridge stone combo 2-2015 I mounted them in March 2015 It rained for months so I didn't ride much last year. Yesterday 5-29-2016 I decide to ride for the first time this year. I checked tire pressure because it's sat in the shop all winter,I rode about 25 miles and it began feeling odd so I limped in to the BP station in Topeka KS. on Gage and I470. Got change from the attendant for the air compressor my tire was low. Filled the tire to 41 lbs and the attendant came out while I was filling it. He leans over, says the tire is misshaped right here. And it BLOWS UP. He wasn't hurt thank God. I'm buying new Dunlops today 5-30-2016 won't buy anymore Bridgestone tires this is the second set I've had problems with. Bill Sherry from Kansas.

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North Vanouver, CA
2nd Front and 3rd Rear

Absolutely love these for the twisties. Got 17000 KM before my first rear change (included a run form Van BC to Madison, Toronto and back across Canada)and at that time the front was still good. Pulled a trailer on the second long run to Reno and through the canyons. BIG MISTAKE, this is a top notch twisty tire but softer compound, trailer and USA hot concrete spells a max of 7000KM. Ouch!! But I doubt there is a tire rated for pullin' a trailer.

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