Bridgestone Tire COMBO for GL1800


Bridgestone Tire COMBO for GL1800
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COMBO discount pricing on this set of Bridgestone tires designed and developed specifically for the Honda GL1800 Goldwing motorcycle. Revolutionary design offers exceptional ride, comfort & handling that your powerful GL1800 Goldwing requires on the open road.

COMBO includes 1 - Bridgestone G709 130/70R18 front and 1 - Bridgestone G704 180/60R16 rear sold together as a pair at one Super Low Price!!!

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Traverse City, MI
3 out of 4...

I've purchased this package each of the past four years for my '10 wing; first three experiences were positive. But the tires I received in April were two years old, manufactured early 2013. All previous sets had been much fresher in comparison. This set is nearing it's end as the tires approach 11,000 miles. Mileage will be minimally short of normal, but our ride quality deteriorated faster. 3 out of 4 ain't bad...we'll see what happens on my next set. Hopefully they'll be fresher. If not, they'll likely be my last.

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Lynnwood, WA
Long lasting great tire

I purchased my 1st set of Bridgestones from Wingstuff for my 2010 Wing and had them installed by my local MC shop at a discount of $200 off what the shop would have charged had I purchased the tires there. After 15,000 miles I can report the Stones handle great on wet or dry roads, with no cupping at all and still going strong - just purchased another set while on sale, but don't expect to put them on for another 3 to 5 thousand miles. A great tire, at a great price!!

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Beverly, MA
Date on tires

First, love the tires, both front and rear. This maybe my 5th or more set and they are great. However, I just took delivery and checked the manufacture date and found the front was made in the 33rd week of 2013. Hopefully I will use up my present set and get these "new" tires on the road soon. Very disappointed they are as old as they seem.

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Bridgestone Tires Goldwing

I have had the Bridgestone 704 and 709 tires on my GL1800 for about 2 years they are the best tires I have had on the bike I probably have about 12000 miles on them and there is very little cupping and they seem to be wearing pretty even. I would definetly buy these tires again

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Da Chief
Orlando, FL
Gotta love the 'Stones!

Like the other reviewers here, I've tried other brands and had the same issues with cupping, vibration, low mileage, etc. So, it's Bridgestone's for me from here on out!

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