Cool Rider 1'' Mount Motorcycle Beverage Holder

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Cool Rider 1'' Mount Motorcycle Beverage Holder
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The Original Cool Rider Cup Holder. After 10 years on the market, it is still the best product available to hold anything from a bottle of water or fast food cup to a nice steel mug. Mounts to the left or right side of any 1'' handlebar. Attaches securely and will not rotate and spill your drink. Made of high quality polycarbonate and polypropylene.

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This went on my 1997 Yamaha Royal Star before, sadly, I sold it.

Unlike the other reviewer, I had few problems with this cup holder.

I used this without issues with travel mugs and the occasional disposable coffee cup. I also used it with disposable soda cups, though I did place a second lid under the main lid, which kept the splashing down to a minimum.

A couple times I did manage to pepper the windshield and tank, and my helmet, with coffee when going over seriously bumpy sections on California's less-than-enthusiastically maintained freeways, but such is the risk of any cup holder, whether on a bike or in the car.

It's also a handy place for sunglass cases, smokes, lighters, and most small things that can come in handy on the road.

It did tend to work its way loose now and then, but a quick turn of a screwdriver fixed that.

I only left it on the bike because I sold it to a good friend of mine. Of course, I bought one for the new bike!

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Enfield, CT
Cool Rider Beverage Holder

No good no matter what size cup you have it shakes in the holder. Nuts never stay tight and holder is always moving. It is so fleizy that it broke while riding not worth the money or effort to put on

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