J&M CB Hand Mic Kit for GL1800, GL1500 Gold Wing


J&M CB Hand Mic Kit for GL1800, GL1500 Gold Wing
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J&M CB Hand Mic Kit for Honda Gold Wing GL1800 and GL1500 Honda Gold Wing. This J&M CB radio hand microphone kit works on any year Honda Gold Wing motorcycle. Once installed, the included female headset pig-tail jack with dust-cover, will accept either this specific J&M CB hand mike, OR the standard 5-pin lower cord connection from a J&M, Honda or other brand compatible helmet headset.

Kit includes:

  • High-impact molded noise-cancelling hand microphone, tuned for use at highway speeds.
  • Custom made black powder coated, stainless steel handlebar mounting bracket & mounting hardware, with heavy-duty mike clip.
  • Top-quality din jack/plug connectors for extended durability.
  • Total plug-n-play wiring harnesses compatible with all years of the Honda GL-1800 or GL-1500.
  • Complete installation/operation instructions.

5 Member Reviews

Mad Dog
san antonio, TX
J and M hand Mike Kit

Finally got mine installed. Went for a ride with my buddies and they said it sounded crystal clear. I am very pleased with it. about 95 percent of the time I ride by myself with no passenger. I like this half police helmet that I wear. It doesn't have any type of speakers installed. For years I would listen to everyone on my outside speaker, but could never talk. If you are in the situation you won't be disappointed. Don't have to unplug nothing when you get on and off your bike.

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Trike Daddy
Carrizo Springs, TX
J&M Hand Mic Replacement

Not long after I got the mic @ yr ago I noticed that one side of headset speakers not work like use to. I would have to plug and unplug @ six times before both headset speakers would work together. Finally called Wingstuff and they gave me # to J&M. Still being under warrenty they had me send it in with proff of purchase. Sent it in the same day and had a new replacement in @ a wk. All is well and I'm a happy wingger.

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Trike Daddy
Carrizo Springs, TX
GL 1800 CB Radio Mic Kit

Thanks Wingstuff and JM for adding another touch of class to Gold Wing w/hand mic kit. Inatallation was a snap and the price was right on; got mine on sale last few hours b4 sale ended. All I had to remove was left pocket and the seat. Fished wire on 1st try from tank to pocket and it was all done.

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Fulton, IL
Pricey for quality of mic

The hookup was easy. We were able to thread a wire through the pocket area and under the tank panel to pull the wire without taking the panel off. Everything hooked right up to our 2012 Goldwing.

I am rating this 3 stars because:
mic is cheaply made (compared to older ones we had)
price is rather high for quality of mic

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Jonesboro, AR
Glad to have it back on the market

Sad that some feel the need to criticze something they don't have or want. I once saw a guy pull into Subway sandwich shop with "training wheels" on his bike. I felt a sense of contempt until I saw him get off and pull his crutches off the back and hobble in. Guess if he coldn't ride it "right" he ought to stay at home. I felt put in my place and will no longer criticize anything anyone wants to put on his or her bike. I will just enjoy my wheels and let others do the same without judging.

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