Trike Wing Deflectors for GL1500

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Trike Wing Deflectors for GL1500
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  • Helps keep bugs, bees, etc. off of the Fenders.
  • Improves Gas Mileage.
  • Keeps You Warmer & Dryer in Cold & Wet Weather.
  • Keeps You Cooler in Hot Weather by Drawing Away Engine Heat. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The clamps attaching Trike Wings to the engine guard are only available only in black BUT the cap nuts and snap caps are available in either chrome or black.

Trike Wings™ for the GL1500 should work on most 1500 Gold Wings.  Order with Caution as Foot Pegs & Highway Board locations will determine whether they will work on your GL1500.

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It's even worse than I thought - (1) They are NOT bent to the same angle - (2) One is an inch longer than the other - (3) the clamps will not tighten enough to hold them tight on the standard GL1500 engine guards. They seem to have a serious quality control problem with these.

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trike wing deflectors

Very nice looking and seem to be well made ---- BUT there are some major issues with these units. Mainly the problem is that IF your fairing or engine guards are even the slightest bit off YOU WILL break one if not both of these units trying to install them.

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