Vertical Trailer Hitch for GL1800 2nd Gen

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Vertical Trailer Hitch for GL1800 2nd Gen
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The Receiver Gold Wing trailer hitch for the GL1800 2nd Gen comes with all the necessary hardware to install onto the bike. The receiver is chromed and includes clip and hitch pin. The support bar on the receiver ensures the strength of the hitch operation. Once installed, the hitch is mounted firmly to the frame of the bike and includes an anti rattle bolt.

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Calgary, CA
Install takes some finess, but looks good!

After reading other reviews, and being the type of rider who does most of his own wrenching, I went ahead and bought this hitch for my 2012 GL1800. I also bought the plug and play Add-On wiring harness so I could do the whole job at once.

The install went fairly quickly, and it can be done by 1 person. I had removed a (different brand) hitch from an '06 Goldwing once so I had a decent idea how everything would all mount up. Take your time, use common sense (yes you will have to remove the taillight assembly - 4 acorn nuts in the saddlebags - and yes you will need to remove one small L-bracket from the back of said taillight assembly before putting it back on), don't tighten anything up until you have everything how and where you want it, and have a 2' piece of 2"x2" wood to gently rest against the rear wheel and pursuade the H-bracket holes to line up with the bolt holes on the side supports (mine were about a 1/2 inch off when I dry-fit all the parts on the bike).

Quality looks really good and solid once it's all tightened up. My receiver went in first time without any issues so previously mentioned issues with weld beads on the inside seem to have been addressed. I would buy this hitch again.

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cypress, TX
hitch install

installed the hitch this last week by myself.
Was abit tough but do-able Had to pry abit, cuss abit wedge abit but eventually it all went together.
Would have been easier with another set of hands when putting on the 2 long braces but oh well.
Seems pretty sturdy. If you don't change your own plugs and oil you might get someone else to install.
took me 3 hours with some other stuff going on in the middle. could have did it in about 2.

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Texarkana, AR
Poor Quality

I was very excited to find this item, and even more thrilled when it came in. However the excitement was short lived when I started to install the item. I had to fight with this item for hours as the holes did not line up. I finally had to drill the holes out to get the bolts in and get it mounted up. After getting everything put together I went to put the receiver and pin in, however when the manufacture welded the "H" that the hitch goes into it blew through causing a weld on the inside. I had to cut the chrome hitch to get the pin in. My father ordered the same hitch and prior to installing it we observed the same issues with his. I fully expected these items to be inspected prior to being shipped however its obvious some one dropped the ball.

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William D
Shiloh, GA
Trailer hitch

I have this hitch on my 13 F6B.Dont over read the directions.Easy to instale and with a second hand can be done without removing mufflers. Solid hitch am well satisfied with it.

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Traverse City, MI
trailer hitch

Nice solid hitch but kind of a bear to install but with some patience I got it done.

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