Sun Buster 3/4 Bike Cover

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Sun Buster 3/4 Bike Cover
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3/4 Cover covers from the Front Fairing to Top Case and Sidebags

  • 5 year Warranty on Material
  • Liftetime Warranty on Seams
  • 98% UV Block
  • UV Heat Reflective
  • Water Repellent
  • Breathable
  • 100% Scratch-Proof
  • 100% Anti-Static
  • Machine Wash & Dry
  • Compact & Portable
  • Breathable Compression Stuff Bag Included
  • Made in U.S.A

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Sarasota, FL
Geza Gear

I would not discount the rain repellency benefits just yet and would not recommend waterproffing the cover. I have used my geza sunbuster for almost a year in Florida and it has done a fine job in keeping my bike dry from most rains. The heavier rains did allow some minimal water to penetrate but my bike became dry within 15-20 minutes because the material breathes so this was not an issue for me. The cover has also done a good job in keeping humidity away from under the cover and reflects the sun heat so my bike is protected. They are also quick and easy to fit as I can do it in half a minute and I am 63.

I am partial to geza covers as I have used them for the better part of 20 years on various bike and hold up year after year but in my opinion and how I use it the sunbuster is there best bargain cover.


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Response to Wolfy

Hi Wolfy - If I may comment:

The cover you ordered is the Sun-Buster Series optimized to protect your bike from damaging UV rays, to vent and reflect intense sun heat to keep your bike cool underneath and built to hold up and last against sun UV damage.

While it is rain-repellent, it is first and foremost designed to protect against the sun and all of its ill effects. Hence the name Sun-Buster and not Rain-Buster.

However, if you want to add more water-repellency to your Sun-Buster Series or even have it 100% water-proofed, contact us and we can do this for you. Please note, that the more water-repellency we add, the less breathability you also will have which can lead to excess sun heat build-up as well as dew, humidity, and condensation build-up under the cover - thus defeating the purpose of both keeping the bike cool and dry.

Remember, a bit of rain on the bike won't cause any damage, but sun UV will which is what this cover is primariy designed to protect from. But, we can add more rain-proofing if you want to go that route. Just let us know.


David Brickman
Customer Support Manager
Geza Gear Inc.

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The Dalles, OR
Don't Waste Your Money

I do like to look and it does pack a bit smaller then a normal cover but it is VERY hard to work with the 1st few times until it stretches out. It does fit the bike, '02 GL1800, well but as for being "Water Resistant" is doesn't do a thing. Less then 30 minutes of a light rain and I had puddles on the seat and wet gloves and helmets. If you are in a dry area and just need to keep stuff covered and like to blow money then this is the cover for you.

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  • GL1800 2012-2017
  • F6B 2013-2017