High Power 150 Amp Alternator for GL1800


High Power 150 Amp Alternator  for GL1800
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High Powered 150 Amp Compu-Fire Alternator for GL1800 Gold Wing motorcycle - Highest Output available for the GL1800. Temperature compensated Voltage regulation. Simple bolt-on installation. Installs in minutes. 100% New Components - Not Remanufactured!

Note: In the event of a warranty question or claim, all are handled directly with the manufacturer per Compu-Fire policy.

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My DB Electric alternator failed on Mt Magazine in Arkansas on 10/6/15 after 63, 000 miles of use. Not surprised since it was only $150 and made in China. ( ( thank you aftermarket voltmeter! ) made it to Honda of Russellville Ark. They dont stock even one alternator of any brand for the 1800, even after admitting they replaced 6 1800 alternators in July of '15. 3 day wait for a Honda Oem forced me to get the Compufire high output. On the road by 10:30 am the next day. Thanks. Great service. Headed home to St.Louis 10/8/15 . Voltmeter down to 11.5 volts near Salem , Mo. Shot after 29 hours and 403 miles! Got home w Autozone marine battery wired to bike. Waiting for my Honda alt in the mail. Never again.

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High price piece of junk.

Alternator went out in Lubbuck, Texas while on a trip. Had 68,000 miles on bike. Installed this so called High Power 150 Amp Compu-fire Alternator at bike shop. cost me $550 for alternator and 200 to install. total of $750 dollars. Took a trip to Big Bend N.P. and Alternator went out after 8,000 miles in Alpine, Texas. All the motorcycle shops I called didn't have a alternator in stock and would take 1 to 2 days to get one. So I just bought 2- 12 volt batterys and came home on battery power alone. My brother was riding with me on his Goldwing so he would charge one while I was useing the other. Had them on passenger seat with wires running to pig tail hookups to bike battery. Would just take a minute to swap out. Thought about ordering another 150 amp. alternator from wingstuff but after reading the other reviews I think I just order another 100 amp OEM Alternator.

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2 out of 2 in 2

2 bad alternators out of 2 installed in less than 2 years and less than 15,000 miles combined (About 7Kmi on each one). I don't know what the failure was in the first (replaced OE failed at about 55kmi), but second was from oil gasket failure. First unit replaced under warranty. Difficult to trust this product in the future,...

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Alternator Failed

Out riding one evening, alternator simply stopped charging.

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Strike 3; 3 alternators, 3 failures

One week before leaving for a 15-day ride, my OEM alternator failed suddenly. I trailered my 05 Wing to a local shop where they talked me into this very expensive, high-powered alternator. In less than 3,000 miles, while on my trip out west, this brand-new, expensive alternator started to fail. It began with a low grinding noise and got worse over the next 3200 + miles. I made it home but just barely. The last 800 miles or so, my headlights and taillights were pulsating, even at highway speed. The alternator was obviously not working and I was lucky to make it home. I've asked the bike shop to get my money back and install the OEM alternator instead. The makers of this item are fighting this. If they don't refund me, there will be another bad review. So far, this is review #3; all three bad. Do they really want another bad review?

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