Lower Cowl Light Guards

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Lower Cowl Light Guards
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Fits 2001-2010 GL1800 Cowls. We now have 2 options to protect your cowl mounted fog lights regardless of brand. The first ingeniously mounts to the cowl using one simple screw. They are easily removed for periodic cleaning using a Phillips head screwdriver. They mount flush with the edge of the cowl and are almost undetectable. Options: Clear or Amber (true amber).

The second version uses a 7 mil thick hybrid flexible film. It's the same stuff that we include with our current fog light kits and that Mercedes uses to protect their new cars from damage while be transported to the dealer.  Simply clean the lens, use the supplied alcohol wipe and then stick the guard to the lens.  You can use a small rubber squeegee to remove any air pockets as long as the lens remains wet. Film becomes completely invisible after 48 hours (of less time when left in direct sunlight). Easy to replace when damaged beyond useful life.

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fog lamp protectors

i found the screws that came with it to be to short.other than that they seem ok

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Caldwell, ID
Just what I've been looking for

With such a big investment in LED's this is a very cheap insurance policy. Easy install. Looks great. I highly recommend.

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Crofton, CA
Not what it is advertised to be

This review is for the stick on plastic film from Electrical Connections meant for the 4 inch lens of the fog lights for the GL 1800 Gold Wing. The writeup for this product states that it is a 7 mil thick hybrid flexible film with an adhesives back that you stick right onto the lens of the fog light.
What I received from Wing Stuff in a little plastic box marked Electrical Connections was a small 2 5/8" diameter circle made of 3 mil plastic, not 7 mil plastic as stated.
This will give absolutely no protection for a 4"fog light lens as it is too small and far too thin. I would have sent these back. But as I live in Canada, it would have cost me more to ship them back across an international border than what the product cost me in the first place. The only thing I can surmise is that someone at Electrical Connections who made up this package does not know what they are doing.

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Fremont, CA
Easy install - good results

Installed the yellow covers in about 30 minutes, including removing the cowl for cleaning. Not necessary, but I had to replace broken fog light ($58, hence the new covers). Doing hte job off the bike makes the install easier.

I held the guards in place with tape while drilling. The edges of the guards were a little rough from the cutting process. I lightly sanded them while the protective paper was still in place.

I chose yellow because I use the lights more to be noticed in traffic. They really stand out.

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Simple Idea, Effective Protection

In my eyes these light guards from EC are not perfect but they are the closest to ideal solution that exists for those of us who want to protect our expensive driving lights (of whatever make). Compared to the Honda light protectors these are much more reasonably priced and far less conspicuous when mounted. Compared to light protectors that stick to the lens with Velcro, well…from an engineer’s standpoint I can’t say anything good about that concept. If it works for some folks, that’s great, but to me it’s not an elegant solution at all.
The EC light guards are effective yet very simple in their design. Yes, you do have to drill a very small hole in your cowl for the screw but that took about 30 seconds for each side. I will say that I wasn’t 100% happy with the security that a single screw provides so I added a second screw to each cover. Again, it took about 30 seconds per side to do.
Once mounted these light guards sit flush at the front of the light opening and become rather hard to detect if you aren’t specifically looking for them. The screws too are visible, but again, only if you’re really looking for them. I’m sure after a bit of road time the light guards will need to be cleaned but what part of the bike doesn’t after a good ride? Since they are simply mounted with 2 screws each, it will be an easy matter to take them off, wipe them down, and remount them.
In summary, for $14 I don’t see how you can go wrong with these.

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