Galfer Performance Brake Pads


Galfer Performance Brake Pads
$31.99 to $38.99
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Must order 2 fronts and 1 rear to make a complete set.

  • Works well in wet conditions as well as in cold brake conditions
  • Withstands abrupt temperature changes allowing for a quick feel return
  • Will withstand friction ratings of 0.7u and does not require any heat to deliver friction
  • Advanced ceramic technology allows for pads to "cool off" as soon as pressure is released from the brake lever
  • Requires very little brake pressure effort under repeated braking
  • Recommended to those looking for the ultimate stopping feel and control

Note: All Galfer brake pads must be properly "BEDDED-IN" to achieve maximum output and reduce unnecessary rotor wear

Galfer strongly recommends following these BED-IN directions:

  1. Clean the brake rotor(s) with thin sand paper and water prior to new pad installation
  2. Towel dry the rotor surface after sanding
  3. Install the pads and be easy with the brake for the next 40-50 miles

6 Member Reviews

Wheaton, IL

Update rears are working great bought for the front brakes no noise from them great braking power. These are better than the OEM in my opinion my OEM they always made noise and I tried 2 sets of them. I will stay with these I like to stay OEM for I work with Honda cars and I preach OEM with my customers for I work in the parts Dept., but in this case I will stay with these

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Wheaton, IL
nice pads

I bought these for my rear brakes to see how they worked before I bought them for the front. These pads stop my bike better than oem pads they don't squeak like my last three sets of oem pads and so far they are wearing just fine after 5000 miles on them

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Fort Worth, TX
Short Life

They work great for a while, but very disappointed with how quickly they wore out. Going back to OEM.

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rockwood, TN

needed new pads on 06 wing decided to try these with the wave rotors they installed easy and noticed a big difference when stopping riding 2 up a lot more safe than oem pads. Would recomend to anyone

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St. Chales, MO
These Frount pads are hard

I put both the front and rear pads on my 2005 wing. The Front pads are very hard pads, the rear are normal pads. Be sure to scuff up your brake rotors before installing. They work just fine but Again the fronts are a very hard pad.

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