Smart Mount Backrest for GL1800

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Smart Mount Backrest for GL1800
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The new Smart Mount™ backrest attaches through the OEM seat and only the backrest pad perches through the driver seat. This eliminates all side mounting brackets and the backrest hoop, making a very clean look. This new backrest utilizes Big Bike Parts copyrighted backrest pad hinge and adjustable tongue, allowing the backrest pad to mount up or down with 1” of adjustment, as well as pivoting, allowing you to stretch while riding. Comes with complete instructions and all required hardware. Backrest includes storage pouch on passenger side.

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Milwaukee, WI
Saved My Trip

Makes a huge difference for the long rides. This thing is sturdy, not too difficult to install, and matches the OEM seat perfectly. The back rest absorbs shock when you hit a bump, and it keeps your back more upright so you have less stress and fatigue. Made a 3400 mile trip through the Rockies just after I installed it. I don't think I could have done that without this backrest. Highly recommended!

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Suffolk, VA
Best backrest on the market!

I installed this rest on my '07 and absolutely loved it! It was scary cutting the seat, but I used a bread knife and the width was perfect. This design fit very comfortably between my shoulder blades and I didn't realize how important that was until I bought my '12 with the Utopia style rest on it. (the square rests put a strain on my shoulders after about an hour and this one did not) I love my Gen II but really wish I had this backrest! In fact, I will probably change them out once I get the other accessories in order.

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Corning, NY

awsome my wife was putting a pillow between us on long trips my lower back would start to ache after a while no longer a issue matched my 12 wing perfect also can go long distance solo

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This back rest saved my life. Thank you Big Bike Parts!

We purchased this backrest in May of 2014 for our new GL1800. Easy, (but scary) installation, looked fantastic, and was comfortable for my 6' tall husband. Then we had a terrible accident in July, 2015, when an SUV decided to pull out into our path on a 55 mph country road. As the passenger, I pitched forward and hit the backrest, which kept me in my seat. Husband was transported by ambulance for his injuries, I was able to refuse treatment and walk away with a nasty groin bruise, and some stomach bruising. The bike was totaled. When I removed the backrest from the bike to inspect it for damage, I noticed that the main bracket was just slightly bent at the bottom, where the bolts connect, something that Big Bike confirmed by e-mail. (Please look at my profile photo - that is a closeup of the backrest base, where I hit it.) Big Bike Parts sent me a new bracket and fresh bolts for less than $25. They were WONDERFUL to deal with, we received the new bracket in 3 days. This is an excellent, well designed backrest - now installed on my replacement bike! I would certainly buy this backrest again. Ride Safe!

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Philadelphia, PA
Worth the price

The install is just as they show and as the instructions state. The product seems to be made well and I have used mine for a little more than 2000 miles - mostly in pouring rain. Initially I was very uncomfortable as the backrest position was slightly forward of the saddle lower stop - even thought of throwing it out. There is one line of the bottom of the instructions about the adjustment stop plate that it can be mounted on the other side to adjust the seat rearward - which is not enough, but when I threw that plate away and raised the seat back it made a huge difference. I am about to take another 1,000 mile trip and expect this to be excellent. Although the instruction show being able to move the rest out of the way for the passenger to mount, what is excellent is that if you let the seatback rotate vertically, it tucks into the saddle and I can just swing my leg over it as if it isn't even there - really cool feature that they should add to the marketing feature. For the price, this is a great deal and product - gave it a 4 due to having to play with it / throw a piece away to make it fit my size and body shape - which might not be normal.

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