Park-n-Move Wheeled Dolly

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Park-n-Move Wheeled Dolly
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The Park-n-Move™ is the ‘must have’ product for all motorcycle owners needing to easily move their motorcycle around the garage.  When space is an issue the Park-n-Move™ allows one person to easily park their motorcycle in any location they desire in the garage. Height: 3 1/8”

  • No Modifications to your motorcycle
  • Motorcycles with centerstand
  • Clean compact design
  • Heavy-duty casters
  • 1,100+ weight capacity
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA

15 Member Reviews

Good for GL1800, Great for smaller bikes

Just received the Dolly (self bought XMas present) to solve the problem of storing 2 bikes in front of a car in a 2 stall garage. This product is made extremely well and works very well for my 2001 Yamaha VMax. It took very little effort to put the VMax on and off the stand and wheel it into a small corner of the garage. This has saved my back as I used to have to pick up the rear end while on center stand and move it inch by inch against the wall. Now I can easily move the Vmax into the corner, touching the wall and the '15 Goldwing can sit right next to it and is now further away from the car parked in front of both of them.
I tried the Dolly once on my Goldwing and it wasn't much tougher to get on and off the stand (I am 6'3" and in good shape), but it may be tougher for smaller riders. What was surprising, however, was how hard it was to move the Goldwing while on the Dolly - at 900+ lbs, it was much harder to push/pull than the VMax (~600lbs). I will give it more time on the Goldwing, try the 2x8 solution and sweep the floor better in the spring and report back again. Over all, this was an excellent product for my VMax, my lower back and my storage problem.

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Bought the dolly 4 years ago. Now use it with my 2012 Goldwing, Hard to get on the dolly for a 65+ year old guy, but since purchasing an easy-on/easy-off center stand from another supplier, it works great. Much easier to get on and off the dolly. The only thing, with the aftermarket center-stand, the rear wheel of the bike doesn't come off the ground. However, I can roll the bike easily into and out of its garage parking space. I am very pleased with it. Once in a while over the past four years of usage, one of the casters can get hung up on a pebble on my garage floor and leave a mark. But that's about it. I gave up on the little thumb-screws on the dolly casters which are to be used when getting the bike off the dolly. They are pretty lame. So I just bought a couple of rummer wheel chocks that I put in from of the front two casters and that does the trick nicely. Thus, my four-star rating instead of five stars. All in all though, I am pleased with the Park-n-Move Dolly and have recommended it to others.

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Long Beach, CA
Not for F6B

I have a 2015 and to put it on this dolly was impossible by myself. The center stand sits too high; making it extremely difficult to lift on the dolly. I tried to do mini ramps as others indicated but I really didn't want to go through the hassle of walking my F6B on a ramp to make this work.

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Lorain, OH
Park and move

I bought this dolly to put my bike in a tight corner in my garage , it's hard to lift the bike on the dolly by myself, with the help of my wife it's much easier. it's a great product to move my bike around the garage , I can roll my bike into a tight corner with ease,for winter storage.

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Barre, VT
Works great but...

It works great but it raises the rear wheel a little higher which puts the center stand in an almost vertical position. I would suggest a small wheeled dolly to place under the front wheel to level the bike, like the kind you would put under a snowmobile ski . The more of an angle on the center stand, the less chance you have of the center stand retracting if you hit an obstruction while wheeling the bike around. Very handy when putting the Goldwing in the garage for her season of hibernation

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