Swept Back Style Windshield

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Swept Back Style Windshield
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Our “Sweptback” windshield provides a sleek tapered look with improved aerodynamics with an additional 3-1/2" in width and height than stock OEM windshields. Manufactured from 3/16" thick transparent Lucite DOT Approved acrylic. Made in USA.

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Love this windscreen

I've had this windshield for over 5 years and it's been great. Moves the air right over my head with no buffeting. Optically correct with no distortion. Haven't noticed any scratches in five years of cleaning it with Novus 1 and an old t-shirt.

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Wildwood, MO
Reduced Drag

The height and aerodynamic slant on this windshield is the perfect upgrade for my Goldwing. I'm 6'3" and the airflow is directed over my head. The styling gives my Wing a speedier appearance too. One minor issue, if I'm not paying attention when I climb on or off my Wing, my helmet tends to bump the top edge of the windshield. Problem easily solved, 'just pay attention every time I get on and off my Wing.' Still giving it 5 Stars.

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Hampton, VA
Just one more use for my iPhone

I have been riding with this windshield for several months. Basically I am pleased with this windshield, but I have noticed that because of the angle I get a reflection of my lighted display right in my vision path at night on the windshield. I miss seeing manhole covers, holes and debris. At night this could potentially become a problem.

I have a 2010 wing, but I do not believe this problem is caused by Honda or the windshield. It just seems to be the angle of the windshield caused this phenomenom.

At nights I use my iPhone to cover my display to reduce the reflection on the windshield. with it's rubberized case it stays perfectly in place.

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chicago, IL

this windshield is now broken i thought i was getting a tulsa vent was very cheap an when this part breaks watch out it turns into a
deadly weapon tulsa sells the honda line vent dont get it twisted this shield is okay if you dont clean it cause it is very easy to scratch

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chicago, IL

i just installed this shield saturday wow big diffrence easy to install with a little common sence
im only 5ft4in so i dont need to raise it no further you need this shield but only one small problem
it is so easy to scratch.

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