Lever Bushing Kit for Gold Wing & F6B w/Install Tool


Lever Bushing Kit for Gold Wing & F6B w/Install Tool
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Lever Bushing & Install Tool Kit for GL1800 Gold Wing allows you to replace that bushing in your lever that is not available separately from Honda. Normally people are forced to replace the factory lever at such a high cost due to this bushing wearing out over time. 

Many times people are forced to replace levers just because they cannot buy these bushings. Kit includes 2 high quality replacement bushings and special tool that easily allows you to push out your old worn out bushing and install the new bushing and your done. 

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38 Burnt Hickory Dr, GA
Like new

About to replace the bushing in my clutch lever for the second time at 184k miles. Lever functions like new with the new bushing. Simple install.

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renton, WA

Anytime you can get something like this that only the dealer carries and would cost you alot, it's nice to get this option and save yourself some money and do it yourself when needed. We need more idems like this available if possible. Ordering anything from the dealer takes a very long time. I'm still waiting for a part I ordered from the dealer and hasn't come in. So I ordered it througth wingstuff and got it in a few days.

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