H4 Headlight Bulb Shims for GL1500

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H4 Headlight Bulb Shims for GL1500
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If you own a late model Honda GL1500 Gold Wing years 1998-2000, look at the bulbs. For some reason Honda decided to change the base of the H4 bulbls in those years, unfortunately the soecial base Honda Bulbs are very, very expensive.

These shims allow you to install Standard H4 Bulbs, that are far less expensive as well as available in different power ranges. You will need these shims for proper installation using Standard Style H4 Halogen Bulbs.

We actually recommend using 55/60 watt standard H4 Bulbs, they seem to work best in the 1998-2000 GL1500 Headllights. We do not recommend using anything use anything higher than 55/60, as they create more heat.

These shims are laser cut stainless steel so you will never need another pair!  You can see in the photo below the two sets of tabs at the bottom of the bulb.  Honda uses a proprietary bulbs in the 1998-2000 Goldwings.  You must trim off the bottom 2 tabs so that the bulb will go into the housing.  Here is where the problem lies; doing so actually causes the bulb to point up, not straight as needed for proper light disbursement - these shims CORRECT this problem. 

Upgrading your bulbs without the use of the shims can actually REDUCE your light output!  Works on some Suzuki and Kawasaki models as well.

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lamesa, TX
A must buy!

I used these and put PIAA bulbs in place of the stock bulbs. On low beam I get flashed on a regular basis to dim my lights. Enough said.

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