Saddlebag Organizer Set


Saddlebag Organizer Set
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  • Trim, functional and smartly styled organizers fit snugly into your GL1800’s saddlebags. 
  • Organize your trip packing and maximize your cargo space using the organizer’s various closed, mesh and vinyl see-through storage pockets. 
  • A variety of elastic bands keep your flashlight, tire gauge and other gear in place, but easily accessible. 
  • Easily installs to the saddlebags at the factory hardware points. 
  • Installation can be completed in minutes with no modification to your motorcycle’s luggage. 
  • Rugged construction will last a lifetime with its 600-denier and 150-denier polyester materials.
  • Measures: 17" x 12"

Note: Does not fit 2nd Gen GL1800

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Paul & Jules
Brisbane, AU
Saddlebag Organizer

Although quite well made these should come with longer screws. If you go to Honda the part number for the screws is 93903-25380. These are the same screws that hold the side moldings on the panniers (about 4mm longer than the original screws.) Be careful not to over tighten .One stripped out on me, but a little bit of Loctite fixed that.

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Grants Pass, OR
I really like this product!

I really like this product! It helps save things nice and neat and kept in place. I always felt that space was a wasted area. Now when I flip open the side door and people see it, they are like OOH AAH! LOL. and usually say, "Wow, you're Organized!"

I agree with Kerry of Fort Saskatchewan, CA (below) about the screws. I also flattened out the grommets and used blue threadlocker to help lock them in place. I suppose you could use super glue too.

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New Richmond, WI
very nice

Agreed. They should come with longer screws.
Luckily I live next to a 'fastenal' store, and found some that work.
Alot of storage. For sure kills that dead space inside the saddlebags.
Actually have had to LOOK for stuff to put in all the cool little pockets and stuff.
Like it alot. :>)

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Fort Saskatchewan, CA
Need longer screws...

Just installed these and they should come with longer screws. I ended up using a hammer to flatten the metal gromets a bit which allowed me to use the existing screws. Other than that, they look to be quite well made and will help to keep things organized.

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Perth Western Australia, AU

Easy to fit looks good but it should come with some longer replacement screws to hold them in place

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