Full Cover Black/Silver w/Bag for Gold Wing


Full Cover Black/Silver w/Bag for Gold Wing
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Lightweight Black/Silver Cover is designed specifically for the Honda Goldwing and easy to identify front to back with a small logo on front. This quality Full Size Cover fits all Goldwings. We buy in large quantities and offer them to the Gold Wing riders at a Super Low Price!

Compact size allows cover to fold up very small in its draw string carry bag (included) and does not take up much room in a trunk or saddlebag when not in use. You won't find a deal like this anywhere else.

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wing cover

just received cover yesterday. fits very nicely on gen 1 wing. a bit of reinforcement added to where the cover rests on the radio and CB antennas would make it even better. but for the price, make a couple tip protectors and its all good. what a great cover for the money.

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Rick & Joanie
Wesley Chapel, FL
This cover covers all

Bought this to take on a trip to Montana, and ended up making this one our "at home" one for around the SouthEast. It's easy on and easy off. Definitely a good buy.

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Las Vegas, NV
This is a good cover

My wife gave me this cover and I really like it. It looks nice, fits well and is easy to put on and take off. I have had it for a few years now and it still looks new. I do use it in a garage most of the time so I can't speak for its durability outside.

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Grants Pass, OR
Great cover!

Great Price for this cover. The dealer charges $125. You don't get more. This is my second one. First one lasted 5 years of almost everyday use. I used to ride to work everyday (I retired Sept 2014). I used it every day at work (LAX). It protected it from all the emissions that fall to the ground there, the sunlight too. It fits (2008 Goldwing) perfectly! I've gone on a few trips and attached a cable through the grommets in the cover, and tossed the cable under the bike to secure it.
highly recommend this!

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108 Mile Ranch, CA
Covers the bike but may scratch the paint.

While this cover does fit over my 2012 Gold Wing it does so just barely. The cover is far too tight to fit on the bike, so much so that I'm concerned about scratching the trunk and saddlebags every time I put it on.

In addition, while I currently have the stock windscreen on the bike, I'm planning on purchasing an F4 +2 in the near future. I doubt very much the cover will fit well with that windscreen installed and I know it won't once I install Air Wings.

I purchased a cover from WingStuff many years ago, order said it was a house brand but it was labeled as a Champion Cover. Found that it fit my Gl1500 with F4 +4 perfectly. Not too tight but snug enough to stay on in inclement weather when travelling. Might try that cover on my GL1800. Unfortunately, that leaves the GL1500 with no cover as I know this newer cover will not fit, especially with the taller windscreen and Baker Air Wings installed.

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