Bungee Assist Brackets+Rust Free Easy Seat Bolt Combo


Bungee Assist Brackets+Rust Free Easy Seat Bolt Combo
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New Rust Free Easy Mount Bolts are now Rust Free Zinc Plated Steel and designed to fit the Honda GL1800 Gold Wing motorcycle PLUS a complete set of 4 Bungie Assist Brackets sold as a COMBO.

Combo pack includes 4 Bungee Assist Brackets and 4 Zinc Plated Steel Rust Free Easy Mount Seat Bolts. Get both of these items together for a great low price!

Bungee Assist Brackets for Honda GL1800 gives you a better way to attach your tie downs, bungee cords, straps etc. Instead of securing them to the handles on the side of your seat, now you can install these brackets and have a better and more secure way to transport that extra helmet, or whatever you may need to strap down to your seat.

Newly Updated Easy Mount Bolts are Rust Free Zinc Plated Steel and designed to fit the Honda GL1800 Gold Wing motorcycle. Tired of struggling when you try to bolt your GL1800 Gold Wing seat back onto your bike. Sold in a set of 4, GL1800 Easy Mount Seat Bolts feature specially machined pointed end bolts that are slightly longer, and make lining up and bolting your seat back onto your Gold Wing easy!

This has been a common complaint from many Gold Wing riders after they remove their seat, then struggle to line up the bolt holes with stock bolts. If you ever remove your seat for any reason, these are a must have item to make it a simple and easy task. (sold as 4-pack)

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Good Idea Yet—-

Bolts are not needed. With the brackets holes do not work well. That is I did not want to use a bungee cord hook which would rub against the seat. Needed a strap which I could adjust. Thus I took a dremel tool and cut out the piece between the holes to create a slot. Smoothed out the rough edges with a file. Found some small loop straps through a company out of Duluth and with some Rox Straps created a great tie down system.
Give it a try.

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Manhattan Beach, CA
Rust free is a must

These not only make strapping stuff down easier, they also make removing/installing the seat easier.

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Lititz, PA
Bungee Assist update

Well, it's been 5 years since I bought these and had some apprehensions about the metal against my leather seat but I now give it a 5 star. I have not had any problems and these have come into use many a times when I was out on the bike and wanted to buy something without having to run back home to pick up the car. Highly recommend for those who ride and buy "stuff" while riding. ( of course it helps not to have the co-rider along too!)

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Springfield, IL
Smart idea

The longer bolts make re-installing the seat a much simpler task. These should come with EVERY new Goldwing from the factory!
The seat brackets are very good, install easily, and make for easy tie down of helmets, bags, etc. on the back seat.

Worth having.

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New Port Richey, FL
Great help

Tapper bolts assist in easily lining handles to seat to bike. I have a cup holder on one seat handle and had to use its original bolt as its longer, but since the other easy bolt lined everything up the whole job was much easier. Hooking bungees on is also better as you now have something to hook them on to 'that's secure!' Very tight though.
Waited much too long to get this.

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