Fred Harmon's Maintenance DVD Set for 2001-Current GL1800

Fred Harmon

Fred Harmon's Maintenance DVD Set for 2001-Current GL1800
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Fred Harmon Maintenance DVD set for 2001 thru 2014 Honda GL1800 Gold Wing comes with a zippered soft case for easy transport and storage. Almost 34 hours of video on 20 disks! 

This updated set now includes 20 DVD discs for 2001 thru 2014 Honda GL1800 Gold Wing motorcycles except air bag equipped model changes.

Disclaimer/Warning: This message supersedes anything spoken or portrayed in the contents of this video. This video is for entertainment only. It is not authorized technical data. Do not try any of these procedures at home. Read and use the Honda GL1800 Service Manual for any maintenance or reference information for your motorcycle.

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Should be 7*

Fred should be well rewarded for his videos. After watching the first video, they basically paid for themselves. The tips and how procedures better what Honda has in their tech manual.

Okay, so one knows how to do a task, the videos offer a great resource to see how wires and hoses look in their proper position, and offers a good review for a task.

I bought my videos through WingStuff because they had the best price.

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Hannibal, MO
Must have

This is a great addition to your shop manual let's you see how things actually fit.

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Huntington, IN
Best DVD set ever

I use this all the time for maintenance - it really did pay for itself the first time I used it - you won't be disappointed if you get this - I would buy it again in a heartbeat!!!! I would give it 6 Stars if I could!!!!

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Brisbane, AU
Fred Harmon Videos..Wow !

This is without doubt, the most useful purchase I have ever made. I just picked up my 06 Wing from a Honda Dealer after having the latest brake recall done. I had new tyres fitted at the same time....went for a ride and noticed a scraping sound as I was parking in the garage. It turned out to be the rotor scraping on the left hand front outer caliper.
So I removed the left caliper etc.from the bike and put the relevant DVD in the computer, and in no time had all the information that I needed to fix it properly. I am astounded that they didn't check the gap between the rotor and caliper housing at the shop.
You can save a fortune by having this set of videos.
from downunder

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Calgary, Alberta, CA
Don't fear the Air Filter change!

This is an awesome set of DVD's! No excuse to avoid the dreaded air filter change anymore! Or any other maintenance on the mighty Goldwing. Detailed and thorough, it will easily pay for itself with one maintenance job you do! If every Goldwing owner had this, the cycle shops would be in dire straights indeed from a servicing perspective for Goldwings. Your car can only hope to be as lucky to have such a detailed maintenance guide! I agree with another reviewer re need for chapters to skip to directly but judged on the content, 5 stars!

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