Rust Free Easy Mount Seat Bolt Set For GL1800


Rust Free Easy Mount Seat Bolt Set For GL1800
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Newly Updated Easy Mount Bolts are Rust Free Zinc Plated Steel and designed to fit the Honda GL1800 Gold Wing motorcycle. Tired of struggling when you try to bolt your GL1800 Gold Wing seat back onto your bike. Sold in a set of 4, Easy Mount Seat Bolts for GL1800 feature specially machined pointed end bolts that are slightly longer, and make lining up and bolting your seat back onto your Gold Wing easy!

This has been a common complaint from many Gold Wing riders after they remove their seat, then struggle to line up the bolt holes with stock bolts. If you ever remove your seat for any reason, these are a must have item to make it a simple and easy task. (sold as 4-pack)


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Cville, IN
Should have been OEM

These will end a lot of frustration when putting the seat back on!
Honda should have made this design the OEM bolts to use!

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Seattle, WA
I Should Have Bought The Stainless Steel Ones

Unfortunately, I bought the the black ones before the stainless set came out. The heads of the black ones rust. They look very unsightly. Be sure to coat the threads with anti-seize compound.

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Carrollton, TX
Best money you will spend

When shooting my maintenance videos, I have to remove my seat several times a month. These bolts take the frustration out of trying to get the threads to line up with the stock bolts. The best $15 you can spend!

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Rockford, IL
Rust Free Seat Bolts

I ordered these bolts last fall for my trike.
I am constantly removing my seat to add new accessories or get to the wiring under the seat. It's a pain keeping the mating anchors in position in the seat and difficult to align the bolts at times. These bolts come with a nice point that aid in alignment with the seat. They are about 8 bucks apiece so if you are a spend thrift and want to juts grind the end of your bolts make sure you purchase a mating nut to run up on the threads before grinding, it will deburr the end when you screw it off!

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Las Vegas, NV
I'm Happy now

I was having a lot of trouble with the stock seat bolts. These went right on. I was shocked at how easy they went in after struggling with the stock bolts for so long. I couldn't be happier with them.

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