H7 70 Watt Hi/Low Beam Bulb Set

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H7 70 Watt Hi/Low Beam Bulb Set
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VisionX's halogen headlight bulbs have been on the forefront of high output halogen lighting. The bar has been raised again with the new “DOT Approved” Super White Bulbs. VisionX starts with a Premium Glass bulb, and adds a proprietary halogen gas mixture and electrostatic coating to improve performance and color temperature to the optimum levels for increased night vision and reduced driver fatigue. Our halogen bulbs are unique in their design and construction. Designed to perfectly replace factory headlight bulbs, however the performance far exceeds that of the factory bulbs. With the lifetime warranty on VisionX DOT Replacement bulbs, you can be confident in your purchase.

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h7 bulbs

Recieved bulbs yesterday, supposed to be 70 watt bulbs, were only 55 watt bulbs. April 8,2015.

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