Gloss Black ISO Grips for Heated Grips


Gloss Black ISO Grips for Heated Grips
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All Black Kuryakyn ISO Gold Wing Grips that fit over your factory heated grips. For those that want an alternative look to the chrome grips, these are the perfect match.

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Jacksonville, FL
Feels Great!!!

I added these to my 2012 to replace the foam grips I installed shortly after buying the bike. I had my concerns about these grips properly transferring the heat from the OEM grips, but they do a great job at transferring the heat to my hands. The installation was easy. I suggest using Windex liberally when sliding these grips over the OEM grips. The Windex will remain wet long enough for you to position the grips. The instructions suggest you wait a couple of hours after installing these before operating the motorcycle. This is to insure the new grips are dry and will not slide during operation, but you can shorten this time by using a heat gun after installation is complete to dry the Windex solution. I installed these with the Throttle master and colored rings to complete the look and comfort.The Grips and throttle master all come with the short and long screws needed for the install. Use a medium strength Lock tight (blue) on the screws.

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Duluth, GA
What's the point part 3

OK....if you follow this around you'll see the point. First time i've ordered something from Kury that has failed so spectacularly. So I ordered the Black heated grip covers..figured I'd add the bar weights failed...therefore these extension rings failed and further more the weights were in turn useless. This was about the worst I've ever been stung for a waste of money. All told...over $125 for nothing. Total disappointment.

I followed the to youtube...tried their fix of cutting the rubber in half and installing....falied....tried zip ties...tried lock wrench....tried vise grip....tried cinch rope....those little screws finally gave up the ghost...pressure way too high for grips anyway. Think they really ought to just stick to Foot pegs and "trinkets". This was a complete bust. Great looking idea...but...not happening.

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Not as bad to install as I thought

I looked on Youtube and found a video that talked about using a very small amount of dish soap instead of the Windex. I then installed half of the clamp on and slid all that onto the grip. Then used zip ties to SLOWLY tighten and work the other half of the clam shell. Total time was about 40 minutes. They look and feel great.

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Different methods to install

These things CAN be very difficult to install. I had a terrible time. I used the dog leash method, the zip ties method, and the channel lock pliers method. All failed. In fact, I broke both grips trying to get the clamshell-like pieces to snap together over each of my stock grips. I returned them and WingStuff gave me a second set for which I was very grateful. The second install attempt went much more smoothly because I tried a different method. I used the zip ties to slowly draw the clamshell pieces together and hold them as I squeezed them together as much as I could by hand. Then for the critical final closure event I used hose clamps with a cloth between the clamp and the grip so I wouldn't scratch it. I screwed the clamp down until the clamshell looked snug and I left it that way over night. Next day I removed the clamps and zip ties and the clamshells stayed shut. I'll let you know if they come apart.
The grips are significantly fatter than a normal grip because they install on TOP of the stock grips. They really fill the hand.
I also added the end weights, the required color ring, and a throttle boss type thing.

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Norwalk, CT
ISO grips

Very disappointed with these. While difficult to get on the real issue is that they hang up the throttle by pinching the heated grip on the end toward the switch housing. Struggled with these for two days and finally give in. Save yourself time, money and aggravation and buy some foam slip on grips.

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