Gloss Black ISO Grips for Heated Grips


Gloss Black ISO Grips for Heated Grips
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All Black Kuryakyn ISO Gold Wing Grips that fit over your factory heated grips. For those that want an alternative look to the chrome grips, these are the perfect match.

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First off these grips are very large in diameter, examine the ends before you try putting the caps on one of mine had so much paint inside that it broke the very fragile screw. Do they work, yes rode 200 miles after install hands were good to go. Install tip.. I used worm gear hose clamps to get them tight enough to install screws.

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The Walrus
I can feel the heat

Install was a PITA as others have noted. Zip ties and 2 hose clamps did the trick though. with a little bit of rubber hose under the clamps to prevent nicks.
I was not as immediately impressed with these as I was the chrome ones that I put on the 2003. They are thicker around so will take a bit of getting used too. Still better than the skinny stock grips.
It was 48 degrees, I wore my thin gloves and had no problem feeling the heat through. My hands get cold at those temps without heat and they stayed nice and warm. Set to high then reduced to medium.

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Cape Coral, FL

I received and installed the grips but what a bear to do. I used the Windex advice and the sleeve slid on easily. I found that also using Windex on top of the sleeve helped get the two halves together. I slowly used my thumbs to work the rubber up into each slot of the metal. I also had to use channel locks with a rag covering the grip to get them to snap into place. I have installed other sets of grips and this was by far the most difficult. They do however, feel better than the tiny things OEM grips Honda uses. I've seen tricycles with thicker grips.

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Saskatoon, CA
Right Fit

These are a great addition for holding on to the handlebars. My hands and forearms became cramp free with the installation. It was a challenge to install the grips on the handle bars but once on they looked fabulous. Two problems with the grips. First of all because of the thicker grips I do not feel any heat from the heated grips reach my hands. The second problem deals with the black covering peeling off. At least with the black color it is not that noticeable. I still recommend this product because of the comfort of the thicker grip.

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Jacksonville, FL
Feels Great!!!

I added these to my 2012 to replace the foam grips I installed shortly after buying the bike. I had my concerns about these grips properly transferring the heat from the OEM grips, but they do a great job at transferring the heat to my hands. The installation was easy. I suggest using Windex liberally when sliding these grips over the OEM grips. The Windex will remain wet long enough for you to position the grips. The instructions suggest you wait a couple of hours after installing these before operating the motorcycle. This is to insure the new grips are dry and will not slide during operation, but you can shorten this time by using a heat gun after installation is complete to dry the Windex solution. I installed these with the Throttle master and colored rings to complete the look and comfort.The Grips and throttle master all come with the short and long screws needed for the install. Use a medium strength Lock tight (blue) on the screws.

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