Gloss Black ISO Grips for Heated Grips


Gloss Black ISO Grips for Heated Grips
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All Black Kuryakyn ISO Gold Wing Grips that fit over your factory heated grips. For those that want an alternative look to the chrome grips, these are the perfect match.

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Cleburne , TX
Black heated grips

Grips look great as long as you have the patience of a saint when installing them. Only broke one screw head off so feel lucky. These could be much better for the money. I like them even tho slightly larger than their standard grips. Do like the throttle boss

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The Raz
Sierra Vista, AZ
Nice Looking, but?

I have a set of these on my 2013 and have been thinking of transferring 'em to my 2018 Tour. I hate Honda's little grips and need a little larger. I had no problem installing them on the '13 but, the trade-off is these don't allow enough heat to come through.
Big Bike Parts used to make "replacement" heated grips for the Wing that were a little larger around and were "almost" as warm as the stock grips.

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Earlier review stands... DO NOT BUY THESE

So I got the replacement set from Wingstuff, no complaints with them their customer service is excellent.

But... the new set. I took an X-acto knife and carefully carved away all the black coating in the screw holes. Before I did that... I couldn't finger-tighten the screws into ANY of the holes. Not a single one. It's almost unbelievable these are allowed to leave the factory like this.

But anyways... I X-acto'd out all of the holes, and then I was able to start putting the screws into some of them. But there were still 3 that were just really fighting me.

I with the UTMOST of care tried to apply just a little more pressure and sure enough, the screw broke, leaving a chunk of itself down in the threads. I tried to drill it out but no go.

These grips are so poorly made with the sloppy application of the black coating (and beyond ridiculously weak screws) that I'm seriously in shock they're being sold as a ready-to-use product.

Now I've gone through 2 sets of these... and the simple act of just screwing in the screws can't be accomplished. Either I'm a complete idiot, or these just flat-out aren't being subjected to any kind of quality control.

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Addendum to previous review

Ok... so after talking to Kuryakyn, they authorized Wingstuff to send me a new set upon condition I return the old ones.

Fair enough. Going back to box them up, I grabbed one of the non-broken screws and tried just screwing them into the shell pieces while holding them in my hand. Out of 12 screw holes, the screw would only go into 3 of them.


So I was like, "Ok... what the $!#$!"???

Took a really close look and the black coating was so thick that it was encroaching into the screw openings where the threads are.

I don't mean random flakes and chunks that you could get out with a toothpick or by blowing on it, I mean the holes were too small for the screw to go into to even reach the threads. This also speaks rather poorly for the quality of the screws (haha) that just trying to twist them through the black coating snaps the heads off and leaves a chunk down in the threads.

But whatever... I'm getting a new set, and I'm already out the $100+ with shipping, so I'll give them another shot. I definitely won't be using their screws, and I'm not sure what to do if the new set also has the same issue with the black coating.

Get out a sewing needle and a miniature hammer and try to chisel it away? I have a drimel but no attachment remotely small enough to cut it away. These holes are SMALL, so I guess I'll just cross my fingers the new set doesn't have this issue.

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Run, do not walk, away from these

Was putting them on a 2018 Goldwing. I watched all the videos, read all the reviews, so I had a good idea what to expect.

I cleaned out the holes, used zip-ties to squeeze them together, made sure the tabs engaged etc. etc.

Got the first grip on, the metal shell over it, all the rubber pulled up through the holes, made sure all the holes lined up and gingerly put in the first 2 screws finger-tight. So far so good.

Then went to do the end cap, verified the holes still lined up, and gingerly went to put in a screw. It met a slight bit of resistance so I took it back out and re-verified the holes lined up. Tried again and same thing. So I applied a little more pressure and the head broke off.

I thought "Damn! Well, I can live with 3 since these look so cool." And..... tried a different hole and exact same thing happened. We're talking very little resistance and no, I wasn't cross-threading them or anything.

Come on... how are they supposed to go in, by wishing? Absolutely ridiculous.

So that was that, I immediately pulled it back off and basically lit $91 on fire because Wingstuff won't take it back unless it's still in unopened packaging.

Obviously some people DO get these on without a hitch, but trust your instincts when you see so many people saying they had problems. These are simply not ready for prime-time in their manufacturing, too many variables and beyond cheap/shoddy screws and pre-drilling.

You *might* get a well-made set, but then again... you might get mine.

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