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Universal Trailer Wiring Harness
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Rivco Universal Trailer Wiring Harness will work on the GL1800 2nd Gen models, however you will have to cut and splice the wire. It is not a plug and play option, as it is with older model GL1800's.

Rivco GL18007-IU Universal Isolator Trailer Wiring Harness is designed to prevent any damage or malfunction to electronic ignition, fuel injection, ABS braking systems and other sensitive electrical components. The OEM tail light circuits, wires and fuses are not heavy-duty enough to handle the additional load from trailer lighting. This causes both the motorcycle and trailer lights to become dim as well as overheat the wiring and blow fuses.

The isolator draws all the power required for the trailer lighting directly from the battery through it’s own heavy-duty wiring and fuse. The isolator’s electronic components sense the need for power to the tail lights and are activated through it’s smaller gauge wires that connect to the motorcycle’s tail light. This allows both the trailer and motorcycle’s tail lights to be at full intensity. It measures 1” x 1 1/2” x 3” long, has a peel-and-stick adhesive backing and 36” wire leads in a loom ready to accept any trailer plug, making it easy to install and conceal. Comes complete with all connectors needed

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Conway, AR

Piece of crap !!! Never had this much trouble with any wiring item. Not my first rodeo or Goldwing. wired three times to make sure I was following diagram properly, NOTHING. Took to local Honda dealer, they tried twice, NOTHING. replace with Kuryakn harness, it worked first time. From reading other reviews I'm not the only one with problems like this. Product seems to be hit and miss. Unless you have time to wate and infinite patience, don't bother

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