Enhanced TireGard TPMS 2 Wheel + Trailer

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Enhanced TireGard TPMS 2 Wheel + Trailer
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Enhanced Next Generation TireGard by Big Bike Parts, the leader in Wireless Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems introduces its next generation of WTPMS with new improved sensors. These 1/3 of an ounce sensors replace the screw on stem cap, requiring no tire re-balancing. A patented anti-theft lock prevents the sensors from being accidentally lost. These enhanced sensors offer faster and better transmitting time on pressure and temperature changes, while providing continuous transmitting when in motion.

Unique G-Force sensing recognizes movement allowing the sensors to save battery power when parked and come alive once moved. Easy to install in less than 3 minutes and is truly 100% wireless with no wiring to connect for the monitor. These new enhanced TPMS now include a soft silicon monitor skin for added protection. This TireGard 2 Wheel + Trailer includes a total of 4 sensors to allow monitoring your 2 wheel motorcycle plus an additional 2 sensors for your trailer.

TireGard wireless motorcycle tire air pressure monitoring system fits any brand motorcycle and is also available in 3 Wheel for motorcycle trikes and 4 Wheel versions for those pulling motorcycle trailers behind their bike. These other versions are also shown as recommended product on page.

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This 4 wheel Bike with Trailer option Tire Pressure Monitor System has proven itself over the past years. When properly used this unit will provide you live updates when your bike is active on both your tire pressure as well as your air temperature in your tires. To increase the safety and functionality of this item we HIGHLY recommend use of Metal Valve Stems. This unit will provide the most accurate tire pressure readings when the unit is powered on and near the motorcycle before the bike is moved, shaken or any compartments open. The monitor will provide you the last known reading of your tire pressure and temperature. This unit draws very little battery power, therefore there is no reason to shut the monitor off as it has a built in battery conserving sleep mode. If you have any questions or concerns on this item I encourage you to speak directly with our customer service department at 1-888-244-2453.

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Cedar Grove, WI
Broken Valve Stem

Worked fine when I installed it but on I40, west of Tucumcari, New Mexico I accelerated from 65 to 72 and said to my wife "What smells like burned rubber?" I pulled over to the side of the road and there was rubber spattered on the front of my trailer and everything behind the rear wheel which was flat.
Fast forward to the Honda shop in Albuquerque and the mechanic replaced the tire because it was destroyed. He told me that the valve stem was cracked, probably by the extra weight of the pressure sensor on the right angle valve stem on my Goldwing rear wheel. We hadn't gone 10 miles from Tucumcari and that at 60 to 65 mph. The tire was new before we left Wisconsin about a week earlier and the pressure was good 10 miles back. Needless to say, the TPMS came of and went back in the box.
I wouldn't recommend using it on a right angle valve stem and therefore not on a Goldwing at all.

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Whitefish, MT
Right Product, Bad Execution

I've been through three of these, and all of them have failed after one year of use. The common failure mode is the display either goes blank or becomes unreadable. On the second and third units I used the protective cover, but that had no effect.

One of three units had poor pressure reading accuracy. The readings drifted, readings were referenced against a very precise pressure gauge.

The product has the right idea, and very useful when it works. The fact is the unit is designed poorly and appears to have low quality display and electronics.

In the end I gave up and just resigned myself to manually checking pressures.

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hico, TX
doesn't last

Bought this for bike and camper , since I run a run flat tire on back of bike and pull camper . Unit has never been wet , always remove it from bike in rain , and when washing the bike . unit is still working but screen is blank , I haven't even run thru one lifecycle of batteries on senor units yet . if the unit was priced about half or less of its cost , it might be worth having , knowing you would be replacing every year and half to two years , but for 250.00 bucks it is a waste of hard earned money . Haven't contacted the company yet , but since unit is year and half old , not much faith in getting it replaced . for the money look elsewhere .

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TireGard 13-317A

Worked okay for about two months and then started to become hard to read because the screen started going out. Warranty is a joke as they already have the attitude that you did something to it. Which I didn't. Not only out the cost of the unit but also the shipping charge back to them. Find something else!

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