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Never run out of gas again! Custom fit gas can for GL1800 saddlebags or trunks, takes very little room due to being shaped to fit out of the way of luggage. Holds approx. 1 gallon (3.875 Liters) of gas. Vapor proof zero emmissions from can - no fumes. Spill proof container and spout with liquid tight seal. Spout stores internally. EPA & CARB certified in ALL states. Add 35-40 miles to your ride. Also fits perfectly in Harley hard saddlebags too!

Dimensions: 6" W x 7" D x 10.25" T

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Pensacola, FL
Reda Gas Can

This can has saved me a couple of times. There are some long lonesome roads in the Texas desert. And I-8 going to San Diego there is nothing at night. Don Blake

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Great piece of Mind

I ordered this for my bike because I was traveling 6K miles and in case I made a mistake and couldn't find a gas station in time I wanted to have this back up. Fortunately I didn't need the reserve fuel but the can held the gas nicely with out any vapor leaking out and it fit nicely into the saddle bag.

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vashon, WA
Good purchase

Seals well. After the fill of your friend's bike, suggest you put in a plastic bag.

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Mesa, AZ
Won't Leave Home Without It

While I never plan on running out of gas, I really feel at ease on long road trips exploring the country on the back-roads of america where gas stations are sometimes pretty far apart. I have only come close to using this can 1 time in my travels, but made it safely to a station in time. As far as the can, it is very well made and very sturdy. The sides don't cave in or flex. The fit in the rear portion of a GL1800 side bag is very good. I can't comment on the fit in other models. I do pack other things around the can to keep it from moving during travel. The capacity is 1 Gallon, but I leave a little room for expansion and have never had a problem with leaks or the smell of gasoline in my side bag. Make sure you wash off the outside of the can with soap & water if you spill any gasoline when filling the can and let it air dry for a while to keep your side bag and any items in your side bag from smelling like gasoline. Highly recommend.

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Colbert, WA
Great product. Wished I had it sooner.

I bought two of these, not really for my GL1800, but for my GL1500. My intent is to use them on both. On the 1500 it fits in the back, or front, part of the saddlebags easily. The only concern is where you might put it because on the back part of the saddle bag, on the bottom and the wall, there are protruding nuts that might wear a hole in it. My recommend is to cushion around those nuts, such as using a small leather square with a hole in the center (several glued together) to go over the nuts--yet allow someone to still be able to remove them so as not to tear off the leather.

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