Adjustable Cruiser Black Stretch Straps

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Adjustable Cruiser Black Stretch Straps
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Sold as a pair. Adjusts from 18" to 54" The famous "flat tie down stretch straps", designed specifically for motorcycles. Desinged to fit bike lugs, frames and carry racks, allowing immediate access to your luggage. The adjustable length caters for the largest range of luggage shapes and sizes. Confindently secure 45kg (100 lbs) in all weather conditions. Unique closed-end fastening system ensures there are no dangerous steel hooks. Up to 5 times stronger than other luggage straps. Due to the nature of bike riding, it is recommended to use two straps per luggage item.

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Perth, Australia, AU
Worth the few dollars

I've got a Rivco rack and these straps will fit nicely across the rack to secure anything I carry.

I'm impressed with the quality but I haven't tried them in anger yet.

Like I said, good value and usable for purposes other than my Wing.

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