Stainless Steel Luggage Rack Washers w/Rubbers


Stainless Steel Luggage Rack Washers w/Rubbers
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Perfect for mounting luggage racks to your trunk. Provides extra support to the rack in order to avoid possible damage to your trunk lid. These stainless steel washers are highly polished to a mirror finish with thick rubber washers already attached. Sold as a pack of 4.

NOTE: Washers come with a protective white film to prevent scratching during shipping. Please remove prior to using on your bike. See additional photos for details.

Diameter: 1.25"

Hole Diameter: .25"

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Colbert, WA
Get These with for your Luggage Rack.

I had a 1996 SE and with the original washers and rubbers under the luggage rack. There became fisher cracks on the trunk after a few years. My son and I removed the trunk lid then fiber glassed the inside where the bolt holes were then re-drilled the holes and installed these wide base washers. I changed out the washers on my 2004 1800 ABS and now have installed a luggage rack on my 2005 1800 and ordered these washers with it. These washers will spread the weight ratio outward more and thus help eliminate cracks from occurring. Consider this though. Don't put a lot of weight on the luggage rack. Keep it light with the heavier items in the trunk or other places. I only pack a light tent and 3/4 roll mattress on the luggage rack. Nothing else.

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Saved me some trouble

Had to modify the trunk rack holes on the lid and these were a great add to give me the flexibility I needed to make the mod to a different luggage rack.

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Saratoga Springs, NY
Luggage rack washers

Before you place equipment on your luggage rack , I would suggest these or the star washers. It does not take lot of weight to push those legs on the rack through the top of the trunk. I have used these on my other bikes and now my trike. They disperse the weight over a larger area saving the trunk lid.

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Norwalk, CA
Excelent seal washers for the Rack

These work great but there a little bit pricy. Othere than that they are shinnie. My trunk lid was cracking around the mount so I put these and they cover well. I also put a two inch stainless washer on the inside for even more reinforcement.

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St. Chales, MO
Nice finish

These washer have a nice finish on them and the rubber is good and stiff. If these are used under the trunk rack they work great.

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