Tall 16" Folding Billet Flag Pole+USA Flag COMBO

American Motorcycle

Tall 16" Folding Billet Flag Pole+USA Flag COMBO
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American Motorcycle Tall Made in USA 16" Folding Patriot Style Flag Pole + 12"x15" USA Flag COMBO is available with Flat or Round mount base. Folding Tall Flag Pole is polished & machined from 6061-T6 Aircraft Aluminum, folds down for bike cover. Great for larger Flags with 100% Stainless steel hardware. This Flag Pole is built to last and made in the USA. 

Tall Patriot Style Polished Billet Flag Pole is spring-loaded, can fold in two directions and turn 360. Available in Round or Flat Mount Style to fit most motorcycle luggage racks. These are the BLING BLING of flag poles. We use stainless steel hardware that is hidden underneath, unlike others. If you’re flying your club, state or countries flag, fly with pride knowing this high quality pole was Made in U.S.A

You wont believe the quality, built so strong it should last longer than your motorcycle. Buy one and you will see why we say that, it is by far the worlds best flag pole.

Available in ROUND or FLAT Style mount to fit rail style luggage racks or Kuryakyn and American Motorcycle Flat Style Luggage Racks.

3 Member Reviews

Hewett, WV

Have 4 of these on two Gold Wings. I love how I can fold the flags to install covers but I don't like the looseness of the spring loaded top part to the base unit. It ALWAYS wiggles on all 4 flags, MFG need to have tighter tolerances.

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Hawaii 1
Hope Mills, NC

Just put two of these on the back of my American Billet luggage rack and they look fantastic. However, took my first 30 mile ride down the highway and the seams are falling apart and the masts do NOT fit snug in the base from the get go. I put some duct tape inside the base to tighten up the top and it helped. Am also re-sewing the seams to hold the mast seam stronger, since it frayed allot on the first run. Color looks great and definitely a good addition, but needs a bit of tweakng to make it work well and hold together. American Billet emailed me prior to the purchase and said the large was good for highway speeds, but I found out it needs "help" before it will withstand 75mph.

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The pole is fine and mounts easily but the Flags Red stripes are almost Orange instead of bright Red.

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