Bluetooth Cell, GPS, MP3 Music, iPod for GL1800


Bluetooth Cell, GPS, MP3 Music, iPod for GL1800
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Bluetooth JM Digital Music Player plugs directly into the CD selected music input plug on all 2001-2010 Honda Gold Wing audio systems, replacing the Honda CD changer, at a fraction of the cost.

Store and play up to 884 MP3 song tracks from your music library on a single SD card, (exact # of song track storage and playback will vary depending on model year of the GL-1800) and toggle thru song after song using your existing handlebar audio system controls.

Plug in your Apple iPod®, iPhone™, iPod touch®, iPod shuffle® with your favorite music files stored, and toggle thru song after song using your existing handlebar audio system controls, without discharging your iPod’s internal battery.

iTunes - Besides being able to use your iPod device or iPhone directly, if you also want the flexability of using your songs using an SD Card or USB thumb drive you can convert the default iTunes AAC extension to MP3 inside of iTunes.
See Video on page explaining how to convert iTunes default file extension AAC to MP3 using iTunes.

Plug in your remote mounted Satellite radio receiver or MP3 player, using the 3.5mm 3-conductor plug accessory cable and enjoy high-quality stereo music thru the Honda audio system CD selection.

Link by Bluetooth® your cell phone or Garmin® Zumo to the player and your cell phone conversations or navigation commands will automatically prioritize OVER whichever music files are being played at the time, allowing hands free cell phone conversations, by both the driver and passenger thru their J&M brand helmet headsets.

If your cell phone/smart phone also contains stored stereo music files, they will stream via Bluetooth, into the music player and on thru to the GL-1800 audio system.

Control head mounts down into the base inside the tail trunk, in place of the CD changer, along with the custom J&M microphone signal adapter harness, as a complete plug-n-play installation.

This digital music player/cell phone kit includes a direct plug-n-play harness for the GL-1800 audio system, SD card reader/adapter, USB cable extension for iPod, 3.5mm aux extension cable for satellite radio or MP3 player, pre-gummed Velcro mounting strips and complete installation and operation instructions.

NOTE: When installing this unit on 2009-2010 GL-1800s, if you wish to use the XM satellite radio feature of your audio system, with this digital music changer, you will need to purchase at additional cost J&M part# JMDMADTGL18 shown as Related Product on page.

Apple, iPod, iPod nano, iTunes are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc.

46 Member Reviews

Springfield, TN
Great Bluetooth and music

This is very good works great with I phone would recommend. My be hard to install if you are mechanically inclined.

yes no
East St. Paul, CA
J&M Digital Music Player

Im so happy I purchased this digital music player. The Bluetooth pairs to my iPhone and I'm able to listen to music answer the iPhone handsfree and have a conversation through my J&M headsets. I like the feature that both the passenger and the driver can take a phone call and are able to listen to the conversation. The illustrations were vague with regards to installation. Installed the unit in the lower trunk compartment u dear the trunk floor lid. Drilled the hole using a step cone bit with the use of a 1/4 inch ratchet as limited space for a right angle drill. I thought I would require a 12V power supply, as the connection was made everything worked. I love the voice Honda used to advise you of an incoming call makes me smile every time. It is so worth it...purchased the populating software for the computer and if you use it great. If not anything on your Bluetooth iphone streams through your headset or speaker system on the Goldwing. Product rating 99.9% satisfaction.

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Victoria BC, CA
Update to my Nov/2012 review

To address the unreliable behaviour of the playing of mp3's, I bought and used the $25 J&M sdcard loading software - to no effect. Same instability as in my initial review. I have completely stopped using the mp3 feature, and listen to music loaded on my android phone instead. The cellular integration still works great. On one or two occasions the microphone stopped working for cell phone calls and on the intercom. A reset solved that problem. I plan to relay-switch power to the unit so it only gets power when the key is on. thus cleanly rebooting each time the bike gets turned on. This will power reset the unit with each use.

I would have greatly appreciated hearing from J&M after submitting my first review.

Star rating:
2 stars off for faulty mp3 player functionality.
1 star off for absent customer service.
I gave two stars for the bluetooth smartphone integration function which I use almost every time I ride.

6 out of 6 people found this helpful
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Timberlake, NC
Update: Buyer beware

You can see my first review on 8/20/11. Update: still very unhappy. The system worked great when I installed it and before I "tried" to up load music to the SD card. The test music that came on the card played great. Then I made the mistake of trying to upload music on it. Now nothing. I try to carry my phone in my shirt pocket with it set on vibrate so I "feel" a call coming in so I can switch from FM to CD and catch the call. The blue tooth phone works great but you can't leave it on CD to pick up a call and have your favorite music the rest of the time.
In September I talked Sierra Electronics into putting the SD Card into their computer can checking it out. They couldn't find anything to fix the issue.
J&M wants to be one of the big boys but their customer service STINKS. I have called and called them trying to find a solution. Every time I get a grouchy old man that acts like I am screwing up his entire life. There has to be something that can be done to him make this player work and it shouldn't be a major deal.
They have the chance to have a great product at a good price but they need some type of descent customer service that can help idiots like myself download music that plays. I find it hard to believe that it is all me when Sierra couldn't find the problem.

6 out of 7 people found this helpful
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2 out of 3 people found this helpful
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