Bungee Assist Seat Brackets for GL1800


Bungee Assist Seat Brackets for GL1800
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Bungee Assist Brackets for GL1800 give you a better way to attach your tie downs, bungee cords, straps etc. Instead of securing them to the handles on the side of your seat, now you can install these brackets and have a better and more secure way to transport that extra helmet, or whatever you may need to strap down to your seat.

Made of black anodized aluminum. Just remove the side seat handles and put these handy brackets between the handle and the seat. Very easy to install. Sold as a set of 4. Also available to buy separately if you need to replace a broken or damaged bracket.

Installation Instructions:

- With a 6mm Allen socket, remove the 2 bolts holding the passenger grip handles.

- Place the bungee assist brackets between the seat and passenger grip handle.

- Replace bolt back onto passenger grip handle and tighten down slowly, keeping the brackets in an upright position.

- Repeat process on opposite side of seat.

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Silver City, NM
Not for the F6B

These are advertised to fit the F6B. They may work great for standard Goldwings, but NOT the F6B. They raise the passenger grip handle rails (that extend over the rear deck) by nearly one inch (1"). The rails should be flush with the rear deck. The passenger back rest can't be used because of that, and the rails and trunk don't look good.

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Very handy

There have been times I have used the Trike like a pickup. From carrying 40lb bags of salt, to carrying a 25 gal. pull behind tractor sprayer (that might have been the best, LOL). These are great to have on board when needed.

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South Point, OH
Useful Addition!

I don't leave these Bungee Brackets on all the time but when I do use them they work fine. Just make sure sharp ended bungee hooks are turned out so they don't rub againest your seat. Not sure how well they would work if you carry a passenger which, I don't. I would recommend this product!

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Seattle, WA
Very versatile

theres make for great anchor points. If I don't have a passenger, I usually strap luggage or a helmet in the rear seat. I bought these in the combo pack with the tapered seat bolts. Be careful. The threads are very sharp. I cross-threaded one of them.

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Bailey, CO
Super easy!

5 minutes; piece of cake!

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