Clear Headlight Protector Set for GL1800 Goldwing

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Clear Headlight Protector Set for GL1800 Goldwing
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Protect your expensive GL1800 headlight with this Clear Headlight Protector Set. Protects against flying rocks or other road debris and securely attaches with 3M Dual Lock fasteners.

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Money well spent.

I've had these on my 2015 Wing since I bought it new, yesterday in a construction zone a truck kicked up a pretty good size rock, at 50+ mph my left cover took a direct, line drive type hit. I'm on Wing Stuff now to order a new set, but thankfully not a new light assembly! It did its job, now R.I.P. old cover, thank you for your 51,917 miles of dedicated service!

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Rick & Joanie
Wesley Chapel, FL
I was skeptical, but it definitely works

As others have said, these look kinda---no, a lot---tacky but they really do the job. We placed on the bike for a long trip from Tampa to Seattle, and then on to Homer. We placed the front Nose Mask, along with Radiator Protector Screens with these Headlight covers to try to reduce the amount of damage that could be done to the front of the bike on the Alaska Highway. These things held on for all their might, and we ended up with minimal damage over the 12,511 miles we rode. Going back onto the Alaska Highway this coming summer, and will place them back onto the bike for the trip. Cheap Insurance for sure!!!!

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Jacksonville, FL
Great Insurance

I bought these to protect against flying rocks that come from the construction zones that are beginning to surround me. I also bought the fog light protectors too. These lights cost far too much to replace. That makes $50 worth of insurance well worth it! When removed or not in use, you only have the white, round adhesive grippers left on the headlights. Works on ALL years GL1800 models.

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Houston, TX
Get the job done

Does not take a lot to figure out that you will end up paying more for a single headlight than this product. If you read the instructions and install them as specified the they will stay in place. They are made out of the same material your headlights are. Will give an update review on how long they lasted me. Wish I had more protection for my led lights that are closer to the ground.(no replacement bulbs with only a 1 year warranty and only sold in sets: $300 easy) already had rocks from at highway speeds crack them.

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Lawton, OK
Tacky looking but Proficient!

You know that disgusting look you give when you see a very nice looking vehicle driving down the road with a busted window with a plastic bag covering where the window should be and tape holding it in place. That's exactly how I felt after installing this product. Clear protective covers held in place by 4 circular (velcro like) adhesive, which are pure white in color. The adhesive are so obvious in day and night that it looks ridiculous. 3 Stars for giving my headlights protection but, I feel they will end up flying off while on the highway because I am constantly checking and reattaching at least one of the adhesive.

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