Halogen Mirror Driving Lights

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Halogen Mirror Driving Lights
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Rivco GL1800 Gold Wing Driving Lights mount directly to existing screw (no drilling) on the bottom of all GL1800 mirrors. The chrome plated steel housings contain (2) 55 watt super bright halogen sealed beam bulbs.

While compact, these deliver amazing light, and in this high & wide location,  provide greatly increased visibility of the road as well as to oncoming traffic. Includes mounting hardware, plug-in wire harness, relay, switch and easy to follow instructions. 

Note - Will NOT work if you already have mirror hand deflectors installed below your mirrors.

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hudson, FL
over priced

They sell the same lights at wal=mart for 18.99.now where is the difference.I dont see it.worked for me.

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Extra Light, That's It!

The high beams on my 08 are not that good and was looking for a couple of spotlights to shoot father down the road. Saw these lights and only found one review on the web and that was the one on this page. However, the reviewer didn't mention about the light output. I decided to give them a try. Fairly easy to install. Not following the instructions, I wired them up to come on when I turn on the high beams. Also mounted the on/off switch in the left glove box so I can kill the lights when I run with the high beams during the day. When night fell, I took the bike out to give the lights a try. Let's just say if you were looking for deer spotters, like I was, this is NOT the product! More like a couple of flood lights. From the front looking at the bike, It is bright. But the lights only add marginal, at best, additional lighting. Knowing what I know now, I would pay more money for better deer spotter lights.

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Sterling, VA

For some odd reason the wire connectors shipped did not connect preoperly for me. I bought some others and was finally able to get the lights to work. The instructions were decent but the photos were not very legible, since they looked to be color print outs from a computer printer. It took me approx. 10 hours over 4 days to get them installed and working. Haven't had a chance to ride at night, yet.

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