SR-i900 RFID/Two-Way FM Security System


SR-i900 RFID/Two-Way FM Security System
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SR-i900 provides the convenience of hands-free operation combined with a compact tow-way FM paging security system designed specifically for the motorcycle industry.
Standard features:

  • Tow-way FM remote transceiver
  • RFID for hands-free operation
  • Auto or manual arming and disarming
  • Ignition circuit sensor
  • Long-range FM transceiver (up to a 1/2 mile)
  • Range and signal status display
  • Compact design (3-11/16 x 2-3/4 x 7/8)
  • Dual-axis accelerometer for detecting impact/inclination
  • Built-in 120 dB multi-tone siren with soft chirp
  • Sensor violation display
  • Audible/vibrating alert
  • Smart Battey Safeguard with sleep mode
  • Motorcycle batery voltage display
  • Remote motorcycle finder/panic alarm
  • Built-in battery backup system allows the pager to operat enven if wares are cut or circmvented
  • Includes charging cord for remote receive

NOTE: To make this item plug-n-play you must purchase item number PUHON4 (see related products).

7 Member Reviews

Flying wings
Victoria, CA
Wouldn't travel with outi it.

After 4 years and 13 000 km this item still look like new.
The "Tow-way FM remote transceiver" can alert/vibrate if some are too close.The peripheral sensor is adjustable.
The "Auto or manual arming and disarming" is very useful no need to worry it engage or disengage very well.
Good service after sale from the manufacture, I had to call for infos, they easy to reach and talk to.
I recommend this item.

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Flying wings
Victoria, CA
Can't travel without it!

As I see, I'm the only one who comment on this item.
Well after three years, I have the habit to have it on all time, it tell me if someone around and with the optional gas pump interrupter it makes secure felling.
When trigger on, the unit vibrate as a mobile phone, it can beep loud too.It can be adjust for quiet or what ever location condition you are at.
Example 1; If you are at a restaurant terrace , you want the vibration mode with the adjusted parameter detector.
This is a great unit, this is a must for your bike, I really love it and even if I buy a new motorbike, it would come with this system.

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Flying wings
Victoria, CA
Still good

Since I have this model, never had any problem. Very accurate, the perimeter sensor is very useful. The remote on vibration work find.

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Flying wings
Victoria, CA
Surprising item

I first bought just the alarm, easy to install, but just have to make sure the wire we look for is behind the fuse box under seat well hidden. Work very good but I choose to had ingnition desableler and the perimeter sensor. It makes all, we can go to the scorpio web site and buy those two directly from them.
The alarm systeme with all items is very good product, adjustable sensitivity. So just having someone to try to play on the dash, the remote vibrate.
Very good, I recomande it.

yes no
Barrie, CA

The differences between the SR-i900 and the SR-i900R are the accessories that come in the box. The SR-i900R has the perimeter sensor and ignition disable in the box which is why there is the $100.00 price difference.

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