SR-i900R RFID Security System


SR-i900R RFID Security System
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Standard Features:

  • RF-ID for hands-free operation
  • Programmable auto or manual arming and disarming
  • Long-range FM transceiver (up to a ½ mile)
  • Range and signal status display
  • Compact design (3 11/16” x 2 ¾” x 7/8”)
  • Dual-axis accelerometer for detecting impact/inclination
  • Built-in 120 dB multi-tone siren with soft chirp
  • Sensor violation display
  • Audible/vibrating alert
  • Remote motorcycle finder/panic alarm
  • Programmable perimeter sensor with warn away that detects motion around the bike, protecting saddlebags, luggage and accessories
  • Built-in battery backup system allows the pager to operate even if wires are cut or circumvented
  • Ignition disable feature allows the user to remotely cut off the engine in case of hijack
  • Factory connector kits allow the alarm system to be integrated into the OEM-style harness without any cutting or splicing (sold separately)

The SR-i900R is a new generation two-way FM security system offering hands-free RFID technology. Simply walk towards or away from your bike, and the remote transceiver will automatically communicate an arm or disarm command using its proximity recognition system. This unique auto-arm and hands-free disarm operation provides the highest standard of security and convenience.

NOTE: To make this item plug-n-play you must purchase item number PUHON4 (see related products).

6 Member Reviews

Rockford, IL
Scorpio Alarm

I purchased the Scorpio alarm system along with the factory harness kit suggested for it.
Once I had the item installed I contacted my insurance agent to let them know I had the alarm installed on my wing. I noticed when I received my insurance printout they gave me a credit for having the alarm on the bike.
Not only do I get the credit for this item from my insurance I get the secure feeling if I leave my helmet or jacket or even my sun glasses on the bike they are protected or at the least I'm alerted if someone approaches my bike thus drawing my attention to the bike and who's near it.
Also, I when I ride to a familiar place where friends or acquaintances know this is my bike, they may be tempted to jump on it to see how it feels. I'd rather be present if anyone straddles my wing, this keeps things from getting broken, scratched or misplaced-smile.....
In other words, the perimeter sensor that comes with this alarm alerts the intruder that the bike is armed with a polite chirp and notifies me of intrusion. IF they ignore the chirp and move in close to straddle their ears are going to hurt for a while....

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Panama City, FL

I give this unit a five starr install was a snap i agree with all the other reviews love all the features, works well installed my self going into my second riding season no problems to report.

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I have a 2010 abs wing and the instructions can through you when you purchase the connector kit. Don’t look for a brake and ground connector. You need to use the cb connector behind the relay box and the other plug with a black plug on the end.
Then you find that the hardest part is figuring out where to put the sensors.
You still have to cut a wire to install the disabler.
Cb connector wire colors
Red/yellow line
Lite green / black line
Turn signal connector with black plug wire colors
Pink / white line
Lite Blue

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Palm Coast, FL

Had this installed by a friend that works on goldwings so can't speak on installation.

The alarm system it's top notch you just leave the key fob in your pocket when you walk up to the bike it unlocks and when you walk away it locks. Keep in mind that it Does Not! Lock the trunk and saddle bags! But on my bike they lock after 15 or so seconds.

The keep away feature seem a bit crazy! Sometimes after the alarm sets the keep away feature will go off and no ones even near the bike nor any cars near by. I don't know what that's about but it's easy to turn off and on right from the remote. I turned it off then back on once and so far it's not happen again.

The anti highjacking is the best feature! Once it's activated the bike cuts off and can not be restarted even with the key. Over all great alarm! And another peace of mind add on to my Wing! Safe Riding!!

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This is a very good security system, adding a lot of peace of mind about my bike when left in parking lots. I have to admit, I enjoy it when people admire my 2010 Wing, but I don't like them trying to sit on it, explore the compartments, or parking their cars too close to my bike. And this system is just the ticket.

Installation was a breeze using the Goldwing harness once I figured out exactly which plugs to use on the factory harness. The instructions leave a little to be desired here, but thanks to some internet research and YouTube I was able to locate the connectors. The components are small enough to fit easily under the seat, even with all of the other goodies that have managed to find their way under there, too. Set up was also easy - there is virtually none required. A couple of preference settings using the remote is all that I needed to get going.

The perimeter, shock, and tilt sensors all worked great. The pager works for at least 1/2 mile away and indoors (as I learned when an admirer didn't recognize the loud warning tones as a message to get away from my bike). The RFID sensor allows me to get in and out of the compartments without setting off the alarm, and the automatic set/disable feature insures I won't forget to turn the system on when I leave the bike.

I sleep better at night knowing that my bike is being watched.

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