Premium Weatherproof 6-Wire Connector Set

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Premium Weatherproof 6-Wire Connector Set
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This weatherproof trailer connector set is marine quality and fully sealed to keep out water, dirt and prevent corrosion. No splicing, soldering, or crude bulky connectors. Simply slip the seals over the wires, strip and crimp on the snap action locking terminals, push the terminals and seals into the housing and snap the seal retainer cap closed. Also included is an additional male plug with seals to use as a weatherproof dust cover on the motorcycle side female connector when not towing your trailer. Set includes 1 female, 2 male housings, all crimp connectors and wire seals, plugs for unused wire sockets, spare terminals, and detailed instructions.

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Adelaide, AU
Great waterproof 6-way plug

If you're using the Bushtec Harness (Item BH99702000) then you will also need this plug set for your trailer cable.

We have a different standard 7-way plug in Australia but it is not waterproof and the pins are susceptible to rust which can cause a lot of frustration with poor connections. I liked the fact that this one is completely waterproof and comes with a blank (dummy) to seal the plug while it is unplugged.

I used the other half of the plug in the package to also replace the plug on my car so I can hook the trailer up to my car if needed.

It was easy to connect (you will need a crimping tool) and it does what it is designed to do, so 5 stars.

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